Top club coaches discuss how video helps them get their kids exposure to college coaches.

You already know the value of video in the recruiting space, but hearing it firsthand makes it really hit home.

College basketball coaches at every level extensively use video to discover and evaluate recruits. They use this essential tool to make decisions, which means it’s essential for club coaches to take advantage of it to help their kids get exposure.

City Hoop Dreams Director of Basketball Jaryd Piecuch highlighted the impact video will have with their recruiting. “We’ll have two to three years of video built up, so it’s not just a panic, ‘We have to get some highlights to coaches.’ We have all of this information on our hands already.”

Having access to video has started paying dividends in the recruiting game for Randy Bennett, director and CEO of EvoHoops. “We now have coaches that are starting to interact and see our videos almost on a daily basis,” said Bennett. “That’s been really powerful for our kids.

“It’s really been impressive how quickly it started. This just allows it to create more structure and provide that tool that we need for those kids.”

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