If you’re looking for a smart camera with hands-free technology and complete Hudl integration, or a reliable hand held device to capture high quality video, we’ve got the complete list for you.

Searching through soccer video camera options online is a pain, and it can be tough to know what’s right for your team or club. The good news? There are plenty of options that will ensure you capture all the action. We took a look at what’s available and narrowed it down to three setups, each ranging in func­tion­al­i­ty to help you find the best fit.

Record Soccer Games with Hudl Focus

Does your team play in a stadium? Hudl Focus Outdoor is a permanently mounted, pro­fes­­­sion­al-grade cam­era that completely integrates with Hudl and automatically han­dles the record­ing and livestreaming of your soccer games. Once your game is over, Hudl Focus Outdoor automatically upload­s your game footage— all with a one-time installation.

Want a more on-the-go option? For a portable auto-tracking camera designed for soccer, look no further than Hudl Focus Flex. It has an easy setup—all Focus Flex needs to start recording is a tap in the Focus app on your phone. You'll be able to completely concentrate on coaching, not camera crew logistics because Focus Flex doesn't need a cameraperson. It uses player tracking to capture all the action, rain or shine.

Focus Features

  • Consistent, high-quality video from the perfect angle: Both cameras record in HD and use AI technology to follow the ball. So whether you choose permanently mounted Focus Outdoor or portable Focus Flex, your team will never miss an impor­tant moment.
  • Quick and simple self-installation process: Hudl Focus also has an intuitive app that makes setup a breeze and doesn’t require an expensive third-party installer. Plus, software updates are sent straight to your camera so you'll never miss a new feature.
  • Full Hudl integration: When the game is over, your match will begin uploading to Hudl right away. And with Hudl's video coaching tools, you can jump into your analysis faster than ever—no long processing times.
  • Real-time player tracking: The camera follows the action automatically, allowing coach­es and ath­letes to uncov­er pre­vi­ous­ly unfore­seen details that accel­er­ate the devel­op­ment process.
  • Livestream your way: Provide a mod­ern and mem­o­rable fan experience, allowing you to control where you stream, and how to feature sponsors to earn money from your stream. Check out our livestream FAQ to start broad­cast­ing your games today.   

Contact us to learn how to bring Focus Outdoor or Focus Flex to your field. 

Record with an iOS Device

Need a quick and portable solution to record your soccer games? Simply grab an iPhone, purchase an attachment and mount it to a tripod (to avoid shaky unwatchable video), and record with the Hudl app. If you want to take it up a step, iPads are also a great recording option that won’t break the bank. Pair it with a case and lens from iOgrapher and you’ll have your game film no time. 

Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure your device is on our list of supported devices. Unsupported devices, or those with outdated software, are more likely to run into issues.

Record Soccer Games with a Camera

If you prefer to record manually and would like higher quality film than you'll get with an iOS device, check out the options below. This list includes cameras with excellent reviews and a price range to fit your budget. 

Remember the higher the quality, the larger the video files. So check your settings to make sure you record the format you want, and that your Wi-Fi connection can handle the upload of those large files.

Add a Few Accessories

As with any soccer camera setup, power is the difference between recording a full match and missing the last few minutes. If you don’t have access to power, a portable source like the ChargeTech Portable Battery can be a lifesaver.

A solid tripod can make or break the quality of your video. Make sure your tripod can move easily from side-to-side and won’t stick as you pan.

  • AmazonBasics 60 in. tripod: This one is inexpensive and reliable. It won’t get you the height you need from ground level, but can provide a steady recording from your grandstand. 
  • Ravelli APLT6 72 in.: Gives you easy movement and increased height at an affordable price. 
  • Millennium Tripod Stand: Reaches a height of 10 feet and provides a solid base for intense weather or uneven ground at local pitches.

Regardless what devices you choose, you’ll be able to upload video directly to your Hudl account with these steps.

We hope this serves as a solid starting point in choosing the right setup for your team. Want to learn if Focus Outdoor or Focus Flex is the right fit for your soccer team? Contact us.