Watch the video to discover how Austrian Bundesliga side FK Austria Wien are powering their high performance analysis workflows with Insight.

FK Austria Wien are one of the most successful clubs in the history of the Austrian Bundesliga, having won 24 league titles and 27 cup titles. Based in the nation’s capital Vienna, Die Veilchen are also one of only two sides to have never been relegated from the top flight.

Like many clubs, Austria Wien are always looking to maximize the resources available to them in order to find a competitive edge. 

We travelled to the team’s stadium, the Generali Arena, to see how the their analysts and coaches are benefiting from using Insight in their pre-match, live and post-match analysis workflows

“For us, Insight is really a leading tool through the week,” says Head of Scouting and Analysis, Lorenz Kutscha-Lissberg. “It's just so powerful and so easy to go into really every single detail.”

Insight’s automation removes the need for manual coding, saving analysts crucial time, empowering them to find bespoke moments, and speeding up decision-making: 

“Before I had to code 20 goal kicks or 20 build ups and it took countless hours. Now with Insight I just click and I've got it all in one second,” says opposition analyst Daniel Gasser. “Insight solved those problems. It saves us a lot of time and we can be more precise.”

For clubs like Austria Wien, manpower is a resource that is expensive and not always available, so finding ways to streamline workflows is crucial: 

“Insight saves us resources because, instead of two people doing the same job, I can fully focus on opposition, Lorenz on post match and training sessions,” continues Gasser. “It’s getting the job done quicker and more detailed.”

It's everything without losing a second in your workflow Lorenz Kutscha-Lissberg

Insight opens directly from Hudl Sportscode and synchronizes across the Pro Suite, further accelerating the speed in which Austria Wien can analyze and share key moments:

“You can directly share it to an organizer, a timeline, whatever,” says Kutscha-Lissberg. It’s awesome when you don't have to export something, you can just share it with your colleagues and you're done.” 

Austria Wien also leverage the customizable widgets and dashboards to visualize key insights with coaching staff and players. “We are using Insight in the opponents’ meetings,” says Christian Wegleitner. “We get stats, video, dashboards, heatmaps; everything we want to have in one presentation. And every question I have in this meeting, I get the answer.”

Insight’s integration with other Hudl solutions ensures not only that resources and workflows are optimized but also that everyone at Austria Wien are on the same page. 

“It doesn't matter where you are at this club, Hudl is always there,” concludes Kutscha-Lissberg. “And with Insight, I think we can provide all the little steps in front of the big discussion in a really, really fast way so that we have more time for the big questions.”

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