Using video as a sports parent can help you move past cheering in the stands to taking your athlete (and the entire team) to the next level.

Parents play an essential role in youth sports and can benefit from having the best tools to support their players. Using video as a parent involved in sports can help you move past cheering in the stands to taking your athlete (and the entire team) to the next level. 

Here’s how:

1. Remove Bias

Fight parent bias by using video to have an accurate view of your player’s strengths and weaknesses. Watching video on Hudl after the game pinpoints how athletes can improve once the emotion of the game has died out.

2. Gain a Coach’s Perspective

Parents and coaches may not always see eye-to-eye, but Hudl can give parents insight into coaching decisions. Not only will the video show what players need to improve, but comments added by coaches can help parents gain a coach’s perspective.

3. Positive Reinforcement

Reinforce the encouragement or criticism from your player’s coaches. With access to video and coaching comments on Hudl, you can echo the points made by coaches and avoid sending conflicting messages to athletes.

4. Celebrate Their Success

Highlights go beyond just recruiting. Share highlights and special moments with friends and family to boost your player’s self esteem and celebrate their victories, whether big or small.

5. Another Way to Participate

All coaches appreciate having video of the game, but finding volunteers to film can be tough. Step up and offer film for your child’s team and be a part of creating a better experience.

6. Stay Connected

If you happen to miss the big game or grandparents can’t make it one weekend, Hudl helps you stay connected and access your player’s games. Watch every bit of the action on a computer or mobile device - anytime and anywhere.