How to Promote Your Athletic Program with Hudl

Using our video tools is an easy and effec­tive way to show­case your play­ers and engage with your fans.

How to Promote Your Athletic Program with Hudl

Using our video tools is an easy and effec­tive way to show­case your play­ers and engage with your fans.

Coaches at all lev­els of com­pe­ti­tion rely on Hudl to devel­op their ath­letes, grow their team and pro­mote their pro­gram. Here are ways you can use Hudl to share your team’s best moments and ral­ly the community.

Show off with a team profile.

Every team gets a pub­lic pro­file page when they join Hudl that includes your team’s high­lights, the sea­son sched­ule and your ros­ter of ath­letes, with links to their indi­vid­ual pro­file and high­lights. Now all you need to do is cus­tomize your team pro­files. Start by adding your school logo as the team pro­file pic­ture. Once that’s saved, include a tagline to share the team’s phi­los­o­phy with fans. We’ve seen quotes, hash­tags, links to Twitter accounts, you name it.

Get your teams and fans hyped.

Highlight videos are a great way to pump up ath­letes and fans. Encourage your coach­es to cre­ate a high­light from their last game to watch as a team. And if they have Hudl Assist, it’s easy to use the stats and reports they get back from our ana­lysts to find high­light-wor­thy moments. With spot shad­ows, pho­tos and the right kind of music, they’ll have no trou­ble ral­ly­ing every­one togeth­er for a win.

Leave the game highlights to us.

Teams with Hudl Assist get access to detailed stats and reports, sav­ing their coach­es time to focus on devel­op­ing their ath­letes and pro­mot­ing their team. Hudl Assist teams also get auto-gen­er­at­ed high­light reels of their team’s best plays based on their Assist stats. 

Note: Available for foot­ball, bas­ket­ball, vol­ley­ball, soc­cer, lacrosse and ice hock­ey teams.

Celebrate the season.

Take time to remem­ber each game’s best moments by cre­at­ing sea­son high­lights. You (or your coach­es) can add team pho­tos or slides with sea­son stats and ath­lete awards — what­ev­er infor­ma­tion is most impor­tant to your teams and fans.

Embed a highlight reel.

When you embed a high­light reel, all your fans have to do is click play. Create an ath­lete of the week series and embed their most recent high­light on your school’s web­site. Make your own ver­sion of SportsCenter Top 5 each week with team or ath­lete high­light reels. Or tweet the auto-gen­er­at­ed high­light from your most recent win with #WinOfTheWeek. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are endless.

Share it out on social.

With the click of a but­ton, you can share a high­light reel or the link to a team’s pro­file to Facebook or Twitter. Want to push it some­where else? Copy the URL and paste it wher­ev­er you please — in an email, a text mes­sage, Instagram or your school’s ath­let­ic website.

Livestream your next game.

Don’t let bad weath­er, bumper-to-bumper traf­fic and late nights at the office stand in the way of your play­ers’ biggest fans miss­ing their games. Hudl Focus not only auto­mat­i­cal­ly records and uploads your film, but it also streams it so fans, fam­i­ly and friends nev­er miss a home game. You can embed a stream direct­ly on your school’s web­site or stream them to YouTube. And use Twitter to get your fans watch­ing the livestream like this team did.

Check out our Remote Coaching Guide to get start­ed with livestream­ing today.

Following these tips will have you unleash­ing the full poten­tial of your pro­gram in no time. To learn more about how you can use tech­nol­o­gy to grow and cel­e­brate your team, check out our Digital Coaching Center.