It’s important to encourage good actions by your players, and Hudl can help call out the positive things they do.

It’s said that repeated success breeds confidence. Knowing this, it’s key that coaches do everything they can to highlight their players’ on-field victories. By investing in your players this way, you’ll see their confidence grow, leading to even more success.

But with limited practice time and hectic game days, it can be hard to find the time to point out your players’ good habits. You have to to get creative. This is where Hudl, an online sports video tool, can help.

With Hudl, you can comment on each player’s most successful moments and give them a digital “pat on the back” to encourage and empower. By adding comments directly to the video and sharing that clip with a player, you’re applauding their good habits, and they can feel appreciated at any time from any device. This gives coaches another way to fill the team’s “emotional tank” and continue to make an impact off the field.

When sharing comments and notes, there are several habits and behaviors you can call out and reinforce:

- Good, safe technique

- Positive body language

- Hustle

- Teamwork

- Response to previous correction

The combination of video and notes celebrating desired behaviors creates positive associations for players to tap into and repeat later.

Learn more about how you can use Hudl as a tool for positive reinforcement.