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Why Livestream with Hudl Focus?

When it comes to filming, uploading and livestream­ing your games, you need flexibility. Hudl Focus gives you that.

With Focus, you get the only smart camera that uploads directly to Hudl and an intuitive app that makes instal­la­tion and operation a breeze. And you’re in the driver’s seat. You control your livestreams, what your community sees and your revenue — flexibility you won’t get with other smart cameras.

Manage your streams your way

It’s your video — you should be able to stream it in a way that works for your program. That’s why Focus is compatible with many streaming platforms. So whether you’re looking for free livestream­ing technology that doesn’t charge fans or a broadcast platform that allows you to add paywalls, voiceovers and graphics, there’s an option for you.

Control your school’s streaming revenue

Other companies control your revenue oppor­tu­ni­ties, forcing you to wait up to five years to see a financial return while you pay back your camera. With Focus, you can livestream directly to YouTube and send video to the broadcast software of your choice, allowing you to stream and monetize on your terms.

Get immediate access to your film on Hudl

Since Hudl Focus is the only camera that integrates directly with Hudl, your video will upload to your account as it’s filmed so you can access it right after the game. Other smart camera systems require you to download the video before uploading it to Hudl manually.

Install your camera quickly and easily

Hudl Focus has a quick and simple self-instal­la­tion process that typically takes an hour or less and doesn’t require any servers or expensive third-party installers. You’ll find everything you need in the box with your camera or in the Focus app.

Next Steps

When you record with Hudl Focus, you get high-quality video from the perfect angle, every time. But you also get the flexibility to stream games the way you want to, and the freedom to work with the broad­cast­ing and livestream­ing platforms you choose. Plus, we’ll never charge you additional fees or take any of the revenue you generate. It’s your program. Capture, stream and run it the way you want to.

If you’re looking for a livestream­ing and automatic capture solution for your program, see all the questions you should be asking in our smart camera buyer’s guide or contact us directly

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