Capture Solutions

See everything.

Automatically record and upload in real time with smart camera systems.

Spend less time on recording logistics and more time on analysis.

Three 4k cameras overlooking a stadium

Capture it the way you see it.

High-quality tactical, zoom and virtual views provide the angles you need to uncover the details that drive performance.

4k and 1080p capture options

Multiple angles stitched into a single, HD panoramic view

Player movement and camera switching technology

“We use this (tactical) view to work out where the spaces are on the pitch and where players are moving.”

Bradley Wall

First Team Analyst, Rangers FC

professional basketball hudl use on tablet and mobile

Accelerate the
analysis process.

With a consistent recording infrastructure and video automatically fed into Sportscode and uploaded into Hudl, you have more time to uncover actionable insights.

Sync with Sportscode for live coding

Automatically record and upload to Hudl

Live feeds for home and away team analysts

Consistent technology across facilities

Hudl at Stade Rochelais

Secure the Best View in the House with Hudl

Customize your view with ATV Director and Producer.

Combine angles and automate custom views to get the most out of your video production with functionality powered by our partners at Automatic TV.

Customizable camera angle presets

Automatic training and match recording

Panoramic, tactical, box and behind angles

Automate your recording process.

High-performance video and data on one connected platform.

Automatic Record and Upload

Online, Offline and Real-Time Review

Secure Data and Video Management