4 Ways Video Helps Connect Parents with Your Club 

Video keeps you and your ath­letes’ par­ents in lock­step by jus­ti­fy­ing coach­ing deci­sions, cel­e­brat­ing suc­cess and spark­ing accountability.

4 Ways Video Helps Connect Parents with Your Club 

Video keeps you and your ath­letes’ par­ents in lock­step by jus­ti­fy­ing coach­ing deci­sions, cel­e­brat­ing suc­cess and spark­ing accountability.

The suc­cess of a club depends on the abil­i­ty of sev­er­al groups com­ing togeth­er and mesh­ing. The coach­es must be aligned in their vision and capa­ble of effec­tive­ly com­mu­ni­cat­ing with their play­ers. The ath­letes then play out that vision on the court, pitch or field. Behind the scenes is the club direc­tor, who ensures every­thing is run­ning smoothly.

But there’s one impor­tant group that often gets over­looked — the par­ents. They may not be the most vis­i­ble part of the club, but they’re influ­encers who are vital­ly impor­tant to its prosperity.

For a club to func­tion suc­cess­ful­ly, par­ents should under­stand how and why the direc­tor and coach­es make their deci­sions. This is where video comes in. Video helps back up coach­ing moves, advance their children’s careers and cel­e­brate their accom­plish­ments. Here are the top four rea­sons video is a great way to engage par­ents with­in a club.

Justify Coaching Decisions

All par­ents want to see their son or daugh­ter play a lot and have a sig­nif­i­cant role on the team. Given the lim­it­ed num­ber of min­utes in a game, this obvi­ous­ly isn’t pos­si­ble for every ath­lete. Some are going to see the field or court less than oth­ers, and that’s going to dis­ap­point their guardians.

Video helps explain why cer­tain ath­letes are play­ing more than oth­ers. Parents will always quib­ble about play­ing time, but actu­al­ly see­ing their child’s actions can give some cre­dence to your rea­son­ing on their play­ing time.

It’s so easy for a coach to say to a par­ent that your son or daugh­ter didn’t do well today or for them to say to the coach how come we’re not win­ning,” Neil Hope, a coach in the Omaha Football Club (Neb.), said. You’ve now got a pack­age that you can sit down with your son or daugh­ter and talk about the game.”

Develop Players

The goal of every par­ent is to see their child improve and get an oppor­tu­ni­ty to play at the next lev­el, and video plays a mas­sive role in mov­ing them for­ward. Modern ath­letes tend to be visu­al learn­ers, and video allows them to actu­al­ly watch their per­for­mances and what they need to work on instead of hav­ing some­one tell them.

Instead of just men­tion­ing that a play­er is out of posi­tion on a cross, video shows them where they are ver­sus where they need to be. A post play­er can actu­al­ly see how his posi­tion­ing and effort gives him an advan­tage on the block. 

Coaches can eas­i­ly share playlists with play­ers to watch on their own time, adding com­ments and draw­ings to make their points more clear. It puts the respon­si­bil­i­ty on the play­ers to improve.

Celebrate Success

Who doesn’t love to see their accom­plish­ments rec­og­nized? Creating videos that high­light your ath­letes will pump them up and bring more atten­tion to your club.

Most impor­tant­ly, effec­tive high­light videos catch the eye of recruiters. College coach­es are too busy to watch full games of every prospect. But if an ath­lete can flash their skills quick­ly and effec­tive­ly in a high­light video, they’ll get coach­es’ attention.

I want to do this to get these kids into col­lege and get their col­lege paid for,” Cedric Dashiell, a coach for the Basketball Factory (Calif.), said. The only way schools are ever going to know about you is your film, peri­od. I talk to the par­ents about how impor­tant it is, that if we’re not doing this, their kid may not have a shot to play. We have to get that film to the coach­es all over the coun­try. Because the par­ents know that, they’ll make what­ev­er sac­ri­fices to get that film.”

Inspire Accountability

It’s easy for ath­letes to reject crit­i­cism and embrace their the­o­ry about what hap­pens dur­ing games. But when a coach has phys­i­cal evi­dence of the action, there is no hid­ing behind excuses.

The boys have an abil­i­ty to do some­thing and swear to you that they didn’t,” Dashiell said. But with the film, I can say, Don’t wor­ry, we’ll check the tape.’ And every time, I’m right. The par­ents love it, because it pro­vides accountability.”

This con­struc­tive crit­i­cism not only helps ath­letes see what’s going wrong and improve, but it also opens their minds and forces them to accept real­i­ty rather than search for justifications.

Video is an incred­i­bly effec­tive tool to have when inter­act­ing with par­ents. Allow Hudl to help you max­i­mize video and con­nect with your ath­letes’ parents.