Hudl’s advanced reports are expanding the way Mahomet-Seymour coach Chad Benedict sees the game.

Chad Benedict has been using Hudl for the past five seasons, and it’s helped his Mahomet-Seymour (Illinois) squad secure regional titles in two of the last four.

But it wasn’t until last season that Benedict truly unlocked the benefits of Hudl’s advanced reports. Previously, Mahomet-Seymour had used a couple of students to tag their games, but the school turned to Hudl Assist last year.

No offense to his previous taggers, but Benedict found himself trusting the information more, and it led to better in-game results as the Bulldogs captured their sectional title.

“It’s certainly evolved. We use it for scouting, teaching and stats,” Benedict said. “In a lot of the phases of the game, we find it to be a very useful tool. I think the ease of it and the reliability of it has been extremely high."

Benedict sets goals for the Bulldogs before every game, and with a few clicks he can easily access how they did in those areas. For example, if Mahomet-Seymour allows 10 offensive rebounds, Benedict can isolate those plays and uncover why the opponent was so effective in creating second chances.

“We can address it a lot more efficiently,” Benedict said. “You’re not going through and watching the whole film. I can get a stat on a play in a game, and go back and tag it and make my individual highlights for each one of the kids and it takes me 20 minutes.

“The kids can watch it on their own or I can grab them with an iPad and say, ‘This is what I want you to think about.’ From that standpoint, there is no doubt that it has totally streamlined the process."

Benedict also uses advanced reports on his opponents, particularly the best players. The shot charts show where the opposition is getting its most efficient attempts from, allowing Benedict to mold his game plan in an attempt to limit those looks.

The shot charts have also proven from a psychological standpoint. Benedict uses them to show players that they’re lighting it up from certain areas of the floor, injecting confidence into their psyches.

“If they see that they’re shooting it well from one area over another, you try to stress to them to get to those certain areas,” Benedict said. “If we played a team the first time in conference, you can kind of see where you can get your shots from, and then in practice you’re designing your shooting drills to get to certain areas of the floor, especially (against) teams that use zone.

“If you can break them down in certain areas of the floor, we’ll grind more shots out in practice preparing for that team if we can see where we got those shots last time and had success."

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