Run Tendency Reports

  1. Log in to, then hover over Video and select Library.

  2. Check the box next to the playlist(s) you want to run a report on.

    You can run a report on multiple playlists from the same season, or across multiple seasons.

  3. Click Report above the schedule entries to see the menu of available reports.

  4. Check the box(es) next to any of the pre-designed reports Hudl generates, then click Create Reports. If you’d like to create a Custom Report, click Make a Custom Report. 

    Click on the report to view and get detailed information about the game(s) you ran the report on.

  5. If you’re creating a custom report, you can choose up to eight columns to include in the report. The tendencies will generate from the data already entered in those columns.

  6. To save a custom report template for future use, check Save this Report Template and name the report. Next time you go to create a report, you will find the template at the bottom of the Reports menu.

  7. Click Create this Report.

    If you make changes to the breakdown data that would change a report, click the report to view it, then click Refresh in the report window.