Lexington, KY – Updating scoreboard data during a live sports broadcast has historically either been difficult or cost-prohibitive for high schools and colleges alike. That’s why BlueFrame Technology is pleased to announce a new technology integration partnership with Scorebird. The integration provides broadcast producers a simple and budget-friendly solution to bring in scoring, time, and other data directly from a scoreboard controller at their venues into BlueFrame’s Production Truck software and new Remote Truck app.

Not only does Scorebird allow for integration with Production Truck, but Scorebird keeps fans updated in real time with live virtual scoreboards that can be placed on school websites and apps, automated social media integrations, and reporting tools that allow schools to distribute their scores after each game.

“We are excited to be working with BlueFrame to explore ways that we can further enhance BlueFrame’s broadcast experience and deliver even more value to their customer base,” said Ian Woodward-Smith, CEO of Scorebird. “We believe that this partnership will not only provide every school with an easy to use professional broadcast, but Scorebird’s fan engagement tools will also benefit the school’s athletic programs by driving more traffic to those broadcasts every game night.””

The new Scorebird integration will provide BlueFrame clients with further benefits compared to other scoreboard data devices. In addition to Production Truck, BlueFrame has also integrated Scorebird data into its new Remote Truck app to make it easier than ever to stream events from an iPad or iPhone with real time score updates and zero extra effort.

"BlueFrame is thrilled to partner with Scorebird to reduce the effort required to improve our mutual clients' broadcast quality, to keep their fans updated and engaged, and do this at a budget friendly price," said BlueFrame CEO, Ben Kant. "The Scorebird data will seamlessly integrate into BlueFrame's industry leading production solutions, Production Truck and Remote Truck, as well as our clients' digital networks."

Through this partnership, BlueFrame clients will have the option to purchase Scorebird Nests starting at a reduced price of $350 per year, per facility. If your school or conference is interested in purchasing or learning more, contact us now at sales@blueframetech.com!

About BlueFrame Technology

BlueFrame Technology is the premier end-to-end video streaming provider servicing over 1400 clients across North America. BlueFrame has official partnerships with over 40 collegiate conferences and national organizations spanning all levels of competition. Currently, one out of every three NCAA institutions count on BlueFrame’s superior technology for their video streaming needs, including over 70% of NCAA Division II members and 25% of Division III members. For more information visit: www.hudl.com/blueframe

About Scorebird

Scorebird is a cutting edge technology company focused on helping schools and athletic organizations leverage their live scoring data to drive fan engagement and reduce the administrative burden of distributing scores. Through its patent pending services, Scorebird is able to provide automated live virtual scoreboards, broadcast overlays, and social media integrations that allow fans anywhere to follow games in real time regardless of the age and level of the players. For more information visit: scorebird.com