Remove the busy work of tagging your games so your assistant coaches can spend more time with the video, which will lead to more detailed game plans.

Each Monday night during the season, the staff at Pascack Valley (Hillsdale, N.J.) gets together to review the previous game’s outcome and scout the upcoming opponent. The coaches are tasked with making their individual observations over the weekend, making Monday’s get-together a meeting of the minds.

But there was something different about these meetings after longtime assistant Len Cusumano was promoted to head coach last season. The coaches had spent more time with the actual video and felt more prepared than in previous seasons.

Cusumano credits that to Hudl Assist. Instead of having to spend time breaking down the data, Pascack Valley let our analysts do the work for them. That opened Cusumano and his staff to spend more time on the video itself rather than the tedious task of tagging the game.

“It saves hours,” Cusumano said. “You can now focus on game planning and what you want to do in the game that week. It also saves time for our other coaches that we used to commit to inputting the data. Now they can further look at film and watch film themselves instead of doing that monotonous install of the information.”

Though Cusumano is the head coach, Pascack Valley’s game plans are very much a collaborative effort. The more people who watch video, the more insights and opinions can be brought to the table.

And with his assistants freed of their tagging duties, they have extra time to sift through the video and bring more to the table at the Monday meetings.

“Time is extremely precious during the season and every minute counts,” Cusumano said. “If you can save time by having your coach do other things on the field with your players and less with the breakdowns, you take it. It saved us a ton of time.”

Time is among a coach’s most valuable resources during the season, and Assist allowed the Pascack Valley staff to use those precious hours more efficiently. The Indians devised complete game plans in less time, which also allowed coaches to spend more time at home.

“The entire staff is able to utilize that time more efficiently during the week,” he said. “With the amount of time coaches spend during the week on football, you’re working during the day and you don’t have much time after practice and at night to be with the family. It helps in that area significantly.”

Assist has clearly paid major dividends for Pascack Valley. If you want to experience the time-saving benefits for yourself, click here to get started.