Imagine how refreshing it would be to get some time off during the season. With Assist, you don’t have to.

Mike Sharp didn’t love the fact that his staff met each Saturday during the fall to review their games, but there was simply no getting around it. The head coach at Park Hill South in Kansas City, Mo., Sharp accepted the extra time was the nature of the beast, and if the coaches didn’t meet they wouldn’t be fully prepared.

That is, until Hudl Assist came around.

Sharp knew Assist would deliver a comprehensive, accurate report to him within 24 hours of submission, eliminating the busy work that often bogged down his weekends. With the workload significantly lightened, he gave his staff Saturdays off this past season.

“It gives time back to our coaches and families,” Sharp said. “A lot of that information is mindless - down and distance, ODK… it doesn’t take somebody with a specialized talent to figure that out. By the time we get in the playoffs and you’re maybe breaking down six or seven games, it takes a lot of time. It gives those guys more time with their families.”

The Panthers went 2-8 in 2015, Sharp’s first season. They jumped up to 10-2 last year.

Stories like Sharp’s poured in from all across the nation as coaches reaped the benefits of skipping the tagging process. All they had to do was submit their video to Assist and wait for the reports to roll in.

Once they had the data, coaches were free to choose what they wanted to do with all the time they got back. Many, like Sharp, allowed their staffs to take some much-deserved time off, letting the coaches spend time with their families and visit their kids in college.

Others simply repurposed that time into more film study. Instead of having to pick through the film and look for certain situations or plays, these coaches were able to access playlists of specific moments with a single click.

“Usually I spend Sundays working on my practice schedules for the week,” David Cook, head coach at Herculaneum High School, said. “I had that piece of it pretty much done Saturday evening. We got the film back on Sunday and it was much sooner than we would normally have."

Coaches work extremely hard, and much of the extra hours go unnoticed. Long nights at the office have become the expectation now, as coaches feel if they aren’t burning the midnight oil they’ll fall behind and see their team suffer the consequences.

So let Hudl help. More than 1,800 teams benefited from Assist last year, but we want to help every high school coach save time and effort.

“It’s just the little things that save us four hours every weekend, and that’s a ton of time to coaches,” Randy Barnes, head coach at Rains High School (Texas), said.

Even the hardest of workers deserve a break every once in awhile. Coaches raved about the extra time they received in 2016. Will you join them this season?