Our new and improved Sideline kits make setup a breeze, getting you to game-changing instant replay that much easier.

Andrew Cerco was excited about Hudl Sideline from the moment Salisbury Township High School (Allentown, Penn.) decided to add it this offseason.

But when his Sideline kit officially arrived, the head coach’s enthusiasm reached a new level.

In an effort to make setting up Sideline easier this season, we made some improvements that make the process much simpler. The kits are now delivered in a hard protective case with clear instructions printed on the inside. Everything arrives connected and protected, allowing you to spend less time setting things up and more time coaching.

It’s so easy, in fact, that a 10-year-old can handle it.

“My 10-year-old son helped take it apart and figure out what went where,” Cerco said with a laugh. “As far as presentation and ease of use, if a 10-year-old boy can figure it out and be excited about it, I think that’s a good thing. We’re getting an end zone camera too. It’s getting shipped this week, so every day we head down to the school and he’s like, ‘Is that end zone camera here? Can we get that set up yet?’ That’s got to tell you how easy it is.”

The rest of Cerco’s staff was looking forward to seeing Sideline in action, but they had some worries. With just six coaches, the staff is already stretched pretty thin on Friday nights. Would adding yet another component prove troublesome?

Any fears quickly melted away once Cerco began showing his assistants just what Sideline was capable of.

“Once I showed our coaches and they came in and saw it, they were just all smiles,” Cerco said. “They were really excited about it and they can’t wait to get started with it.”

Salisbury Township isn’t the only school pumped about the Sideline setup. We’ve seen elated social media posts from all over the country with coaches anxious to test out the new gear.

In-game instant replay has proven to be a game-changer, so it’s no surprise that coaches are jumping at the bit to experience it for themselves. Count Cerco among that group, and with Sideline now in his possession, that experience is on the horizon.

“First of all, having that technology in our program is going to give our players an advantage over some of the teams that we face,” he said. “Rather than sitting there on Saturday morning and saying, ‘Oh, they were in this type of formation,’ or something like that, almost immediately we can give that feedback to our players.

“Having access to instant replay and Hudl Sideline breeds that championship culture and lets our kids know that we’re providing them with the best possible football experience that they can have.”

While the setup process has been improved, we’re still here if you want help. Feel free to set up a kickoff call with one of our elite support team members. The earlier you get started and make your payment, the sooner your equipment will ship to get you ready for the season.