Assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Jaylen Reyes talks all things recruiting and highlights, both how it stands today and outside our current climate.

Learn the ins and outs of the recruiting process

Check out our College Recruiting Guide for Athletes.
  • Jalen's background and experience (1:20)
  • Responsibilities as the recruiting coordinator for Nebraska Volleyball (2:56)
  • Tips to sort through recruits' highlight videos (5:50)
  • The process after coaches find a potential recruit (7:46)
  • Players finding you vs. you finding them (9:41)
  • How to make a great highlight video (11:53)
  • How players can stand out in recruiting? (16:27)
  • What does Nebraska look for in an athlete? (18:31)
  • How can athletes find a potential school? (22:02)
  • What should recruits do in their free time? (26:07)
  • Coaches’ recruiting responsibilities (28:04)