Go behind the scenes with the staff of the Portland Pilots women’s soccer team as they discuss Hudl’s suite, how it boosts on-and-off-field development, and helps influence their strategy, all with the help of video.

In its glory days, spanning 2002 to 2005, Christine Sinclair steered the Portland Pilots to not one, but two national titles, etching her name into the annals of the school's soccer history as the all-time leading scorer. Fast forward to 2013, and the Canuck sensation continues to command the field as the Thorns' frontline dynamo. She's not just a player; she's the embodiment of soccer in this city, a living legend.

And in the halls of the Chiles Center, mere footsteps from their hallowed grounds, her jersey sits alongside her 2005 teammate and USWMT legend Megan Rapinoe – one of the games biggest stars. Together, they led the Pilots' to their second title in 2005.

There’s no region of the world more synonymous with the women’s game than Portland. It’s the preeminent destination for the best the sport has to offer, and has a rich history going back to the 70’s. The region is committed and invested in soccer. It lives and breathes it. The Portland Thorns, 2022 Champions of NWSL, is amongst the games most prestigious in both history and triumph. They draw crowds of over 18,000 per matchday to Providence Park, and are perennial contenders at the top of the NWSL table. 

The rivalries, the passion, it’s on full display every match day, but you don’t have to look far from Providence Park to find another one of the games most prestigious teams. 

The year 2005 may seem like a distant memory. Michelle French, Pilot alumni of 1999 and current Head Coach, has been reconnecting this current generation with the rich legacy left by Sinclair, Rapinoe - the Pilot legends of old. 

That championship ambition now burns anew. In the Rose City, amongst its pines and passion, a sleeping giant is awakening…