Investing in performance technology can often require compromise. Whilst not every club is blessed with the riches of the sporting elite, conflict can occur across departments where budgets are limited. With performance technology, it is important to understand the wider strategic impact and how, when used effectively, the right technologies can provide a significant and meaningful return on investment.

In this series, we review the key areas that can benefit from the effective applied use of performance technology to maximize the return on investment and ensure efficient application across the club infrastructure.

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Reputation, Image & Expectation

Corporate reputation can be defined as the collective assessment of an organization’s past actions and future expectations. All these factors contribute to the overall brand value of the organization, to address a specific image and attract resources.

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In sports organizations, the corporate image depends directly on both athlete and sports performances. Here, performance tracking and development have an important crossover with the commercial world, as creating a culture for high performance and being able to attract talents will increase the value of the club and its value on the market towards sponsors and investors. Conversely, brands seek in sports sponsorships an additional value to improve the image of the organization and brand loyalty, to attract new consumers and, in the end, to address buying behaviors.

For this reason, building a reputation for high performance and success is fundamental to driving the process with the ultimate goal of attracting potential sponsors and raising fan engagement. Success in building a reputation and image can also have a transformative impact on a Sporting Director’s career.

Example of a Performance Tracker dashboard using Wyscout API and Hudl Pro Services

Expectation Management

This can be a great opportunity for football management to guide and improve internal relationships, thus managing the pressure and longevity of the role. Internal high performance systems for team identity, recruitment, player development and performance tracking, reduce the risk of poor decision-making.

Positioning the above in a way that helps to manage expectations from key stakeholders including owners, board, leadership, head coaches, players, football staff, non-football staff, media and fans.

Here’s where Hudl Academy is here to help. Thanks to a wide range of on-demand courses, tutorials, instructive resources and global support, Sporting Directors and club management can work on different levels to implement an educational program at the club to ensure that their vision and long-term strategy can be reached by players, coaches and staff.

Hudl’s state-of-the-art e-learning platform with 300 courses in 10 languages offers a complete learning path to familiarize with Hudl products - which should make sure that video and data analysis processes are fully internalized by everyone at the club, but also allows the creation of a semi-custom educational program to educate an organization about all the areas mentioned in this blog series.

Team Identity, recruitment, player development and performance tracking are all areas that can be implemented and fine-tuned within the Hudl Pro Suite and - other than ‘how-to’ practical tutorials on products, Hudl Academy also offers plenty of resources to implement high performance workflows at the club. This also impacts reputation and expectation management by making sure that everyone at the club is on the right path to creating a winning and efficient philosophy that can lead the organization to new horizons, also setting up coherent roadmaps to give players, staff and management clear information of what are the expectations.

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