Making most of the Hudl Pro Suite at every stage of the process to be prepared for whatever the competition throws at you.

Basketball is a fast-paced sport - both on the court and off it. Hudl provides all the necessary tools to ensure efficiency in your workflow, from film collection to presentation:

Gathering and organizing film: Using Hudl’s League Exchange, analysts can pull already tagged footage of their upcoming opposition immediately into Sportscode. With personnel, possession results and situations, like out-of-bounds plays already separated, analysts can focus on identifying trends, strengths and weaknesses. 

Collecting opposition games in a singular place can then allow the analyst to pull clips from multiple games at once using the Find Window; or using an output window, search for statistical tendencies. 

Pulling the right clips: Using a process called Flagging, analysts can pull the most important clips, write a contextual note, and send those clips to a dedicated playlist. Creating flags for different coaching points - defensive philosophy, offensive play calls, personnel, ect. - means you can efficiently watch film without rewatching possessions. 

Working in the playlist: Once you have collected all of your film into a playlist, there are many tools within Sportscode to personalize your presentations. Along with editing your notes, labels and clip length, you can add slides to title upcoming film, e.g. - an opposition player’s name, position and tendencies followed by corresponding video; or a diagram of a popular play call accompanied by video of it being run.

You can also add drawing and text overlays to your film to highlight coaching points.

Sharing your presentation: Depending on how you intend to share your presentation, there are different steps to follow. You can upload your playlist to by selecting the Hudl logo in the top-right corner of your presentation. This will allow you athletes to interact directly with the scout with comments and drawings of their own. Accessible on their phone or computer, it also means they can refer back to your analysis whenever they want. 

You can also directly export video from a playlist by selecting the ‘export’ button on the toolbar. This allows the analyst to send a video copy of the playlist, with its associated drawings, slides and notes, to any player or coach over messaging apps. 

For more information on League Exchange, or access to the Sorter feature - request a demo