Organizing your basketball play calls into play sheets using Action Buttons and scripting can help you be more efficient in your coding. 

A significant variable coaches track in basketball is play call success. Therefore, it is common for a code window to be saturated in labels for each possible play call the team could run. This creates bloated, crowded and messy code windows. A solution is using a combination of Action Buttons, button IDs and scripting.

Step One: Create multiple Action Buttons with their command set to ‘toggle’ and give each a unique button ID, e.g. - playsheet01, playsheet02, playsheet03, etc. Connect each button with an exclusive link. For users with Sportscode Pro licenses, you can use Code Buttons instead of Action Buttons.

Step Two: Rename each Action Button the title of a play call series, e.g. - the Flow Series, Early Offense, Out of Bounds, etc.

Step Three: Create a label button, add the group “Playcall”, and select the scripting tab in the inspector.

Step Four: Using ‘IF’ statements, have the name of the label change when the corresponding series is pushed down referencing the button ID.

For example:

if (button #”playsheet01” state = 1, rename “Flow Series 1”)

if (button #”playsheet02” state = 1, rename “Early Offense 1”)

if (button #”playsheet03” state = 1, rename “Out of Bounds 1”)

Step Five: Repeat step three and four, inserting new plays for the corresponding series each time. 

The consequence of this work is each label will effectively have multiple names depending on what series button you have selected. This means less space is taken up on your window, your series are organized together, and navigating to the correct play call is simple and efficient.

Action Buttons are available with Elite or Elite Review Sportscode licenses - request a demo here