Combine video and statistics in Hudl Sportscode to create a dynamic output window for coaches.

By combining basic counting statistics with video, coaches and analysts can dive deeper into understanding the ‘why’ to help improve their team’s performance. 

For basic counts, such as two-point or three-point attempts; two-point or three-point makes; turnovers and offensive or defensive rebounds, we only need three lines of script:

$player = button name “player01”

The players involved game-to-game can change. Anticipating this, instead of looking for a specific player’s name in the script, we are going to look for the button ID of the button in the Y-axis; therefore, if the players change the scripting will work regardless.

show count (label "-3" or label "+3" or label "-2" or label "+2") where row = $player

show (label "-3" or label "+3" or label "-2" or label "+2") where row = $player

In the example of field-goal attempts, we are showing the count of shot result labels in the row matching whatever the name is representing the button ID “player01”. To show corresponding video when pressed - given your button type is ‘Action’ and ‘Make Movie’ - copy the same script and remove “count”.

Once the scripting across the X-axis is complete, to complete the boxscore for the entire team, you can avoid manually swapping the necessary button ID script - “player01” for “player02”, for example - by using the find and replace function. 

Action buttons are available with Elite or Elite Review Sportscode licenses - request a demo here