With the matrix report in Hudl, sharing analysis and video has never been easier.

For Sportscode Pro and Elite users, the matrix is an essential part of the analysis workflow, but sharing all that information can be a bit of a hurdle at times. We now have a solution.

By integrating the matrix into Hudl, your video and analysis is now accessible anytime, anywhere through Hudl’s cloud platform on the web and mobile devices, making it a breeze to share with coaches and athletes.

Don’t worry - these changes won’t alter your workflow. But they’ll ease the burden on both you and everyone you’re sharing with. You don’t need to purchase extra licenses, so the difficulties of sharing analysis and video with other members of the staff and players are much less of an issue.

The view that you’ve come to know won’t change much - it looks almost identical to the Sportscode matrix. The codes and labels will still live on separate axes, permitting you to quickly sort through all the data and find the corresponding video. One click will pull up all the video of what you’re searching for, and Hudl’s matrix report allows you to search and review video and data for multiple timelines instead of one at a time. Once you pull up the video, you can save it into a playlist and determine who to share it with.

This new setup is much more convenient for the rest of your staff. The ease of sharing allows anyone on your account, whether it be coaches or players, to watch more video on their own time. Even the most dedicated video watchers will have their hands full with all the information at their disposal. You’ll still be able to teach in the film room, but Hudl allows for expanded coaching opportunities outside of the team meetings, as well.

Using Hudl to distribute video analysis provides a benefit that otherwise would require buying Sportscode licenses for the entire team.

Now your players will have the ability to watch more video on their own time as opposed to marathon video sessions.

Want to learn more about the integration with Hudl? Check it out here or contact your sales rep.