You can now access more than 30 youth tournaments on the Wyscout platform to get access to data and video of the most interesting young players in the world

Wyscout have recently released a new package of exclusive content to massively facilitate the work of recruitment departments: the Exclusive Youth Competition Pack allows you to follow all the major international youth tournaments and competitions in one single platform, thanks to exclusive agreements with organizations and federations from all over the world.

More than 30 tournaments (starting from the 2022 editions), 250+ teams and 3500+ players are included, placing your club or organization in a privileged position to scout high-caliber youth players, from U14 to U21.

And we aren’t stopping here – we will be offering many more tournaments in the months to come.

Save time and money

We know how difficult it is to organize scouting trips to multiple countries, watching players in unfamiliar markets and in tournaments sometimes held in the same week, only by relying on a personal network of contacts and the insights delivered by them.

Above all, we understand how important it is to scout talents young, in early career stages, to have the opportunity to bring them into your club and allow them to develop within your system.

Wyscout, as always, removes these geographical restrictions and makes the job of the recruitment departments easier.

The Wyscout Youth Competitions package finally offers a solution to the problem of having to choose which tournament to attend on a scouting trip. As well as this, you will save both time and financial resources by not having to travel to, or follow every single match live.

Everything you need to make better evaluations

Video and data are available to make objective decisions, making the most of your time and money, getting ahead of your competition in scouting the next breakthrough stars earlier than them.

You can instantly keep track of performances in these youth tournaments and leagues, thanks to Wyscout’s deep search and query tools, allowing you to be able to spot the most interesting players in just a few clicks.

Key takeaways:

  • Exclusive deals with federations and organizations
  • More than 30 tournaments, 250+ teams, 3500+ players - and more to come
  • All in one place, available only on the Wyscout Platform

Hudl VP of Elite, Sam Lloyd commented:

“Wyscout really is a one-stop-shop for recruitment and scouting needs. Clubs across the world are consistently looking for new talent, but doing this at scale is complex, time-consuming and very inefficient. Scouting youth players has historically been more challenging with lack of available video and data to objectively measure performance. To solve this, Wyscout has acquired exclusive access to more than 30 tournaments around the world, providing video and data of thousands of players from U14 to U21. Recruitment teams can now efficiently develop long lists of the most promising youth players in the world, to make smarter decisions and maximize their academy development objectives.”