Loughborough University Partnership with Hudl Educates the Analysts of Tomorrow 

The per­for­mance analy­sis stu­dents at Loughborough University are learn­ing in one of the most advanced sport­ing facil­i­ties in the UK. Hudl tech­nol­o­gy is an essen­tial part of their edu­ca­tion and know­ing how to use this tech­nol­o­gy is key in help­ing them secure a future career in the per­for­mance analy­sis industry.

For any uni­ver­si­ty stu­dent, being able to secure employ­ment in their cho­sen indus­try is an absolute must. In the per­for­mance analy­sis indus­try, Loughborough stu­dent Maddy Burnage’s use of Hudl and Sportscode with the Loughborough Lightning women’s rug­by team is prepar­ing her for a future career.

The best thing for me is that I obvi­ous­ly came here as a stu­dent and being able to learn Sportscode means I can get a job with­in so many teams,” said Burnage. I wouldn’t nor­mal­ly have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn Sportscode some­where else and because I can do it here as a stu­dent I can learn it as I go, so that when I hit the indus­try, I know what I am doing.”

One of the strengths of Hudl and Sportscode is its adapt­abil­i­ty and how it can be used for analy­sis across the entire team at the Lightning.

I would have said that using Sportscode was essen­tial to devel­op­ing my future career as it is so vital to all ana­lysts,” said Burnage. It’s the best soft­ware that you can get and it’s the eas­i­est to use. It links so well between, coach­es, ath­letes and myself. Even for the phys­ios it’s so good to use, it can be applied to any sport, any time.”

The Lightning play in the pre­mier women’s rug­by com­pe­ti­tion in the UK, com­pet­ing against the likes of Saracens, Harlequins and Wasps on match day. For this rea­son, the lev­el of analy­sis pro­vid­ed to the team needs to be of the high­est pro­fes­sion­al standard. 

Daily we use Hudl to put the footage out to the girls and we get every train­ing ses­sion, every match that we have and obvi­ous­ly every train­ing ses­sion is cod­ed up as well,” explains Burnage. As soon as it’s cod­ed, it can go straight into a report, so with­in 24 hours we can have a report out to the girls on how their per­for­mance was. It can help the coach­es rapid­ly turn­around after a week­end fix­ture for Monday train­ing ses­sions to say this is what we need to do this week.”

For per­for­mance ana­lyst intern Gabrielle Light, learn­ing how to use Sportscode dur­ing her place­ment was a much eas­i­er process than first expected.

I thought pick­ing up Sportscode was real­ly easy,” said Light. When you first look at it it looks real­ly intim­i­dat­ing, just because how many but­tons and codes there are. I would say after the first cou­ple of weeks I was con­fi­dent­ly cod­ing games and able to give infor­ma­tion back to the coach­es, even though not only had I nev­er used the prod­uct long before­hand, I had also nev­er played the sport before.” 

I wouldn’t nor­mal­ly have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn Sportscode some­where else and because I can do it here as a stu­dent I can learn it as I go, so that when I hit the indus­try, I know what I am doing.”

The Hudl Academy plat­form was also effec­tive in the ongo­ing edu­ca­tion in upskilling stu­dents with Hudl and Sportscode use dur­ing internships.

There’s loads of resources avail­able for you to enhance your knowl­edge and go away and learn your­self online,” said Light. This meant that I was able to make things, pro­duce code win­dows, and do things that hadn’t been done before. The part­ner­ship with Hudl has real­ly helped me gain a holis­tic under­stand­ing of per­for­mance analy­sis as a whole, it’s enabled me to not only real­ly grow my under­stand­ing to use Sportscode with­in my sport, but also I’ve been able to inter­act with the sport’s oth­er prac­ti­tion­ers in the indus­try which real­ly helped me build my knowledge.”

For Loughborough sports per­for­mance analy­sis lead Andy Rhys-Jones, the part­ner­ship between Loughborough and Hudl is vital to the prepa­ra­tion of stu­dent ana­lyst pro­gres­sion from intern to full-time professional.

Our rela­tion­ship with Loughborough and Hudl is way more than just your typ­i­cal license agree­ment,” said Rhys-Jones. We work real­ly close­ly togeth­er with men­tor­ship and sup­port for our vol­un­teers and place­ments. This is a great link in to pro­fes­sion­al net­works, whether that be pro­fes­sion­al rug­by or foot­ball and it’s a great way for our place­ments to gain some addi­tion­al experience.

The Hudl Academy pre­pares our place­ments and vol­un­teers for the pro­fes­sion­al indus­try by giv­ing them accred­i­ta­tion and access to addi­tion­al knowl­edge that real­ly pre­pares them for what they are going to go into in lat­er life.”