Users can now access their Hudl Library directly in Hudl Sportscode and there’s more improve­ments coming soon

As announced recently at Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis in 2020, Hudl and Hudl Sportscode are coming closer together.

The new Hudl Sportscode platform provides new opportunities to improve integration with the Hudl Library.

Stored in the cloud, users can now view their Hudl Library directly in Hudl Sportscode and download video and data as a video package.

Users will see great benefits with less time spent on file management and waiting for downloads, freeing you up to analyse more and quicker!

See the integration advancements we've made in action

In Hudl Sportscode, select File > Open from Hudl and then log in to your Hudl account when prompted.

You can then select from the teams that you are a member of and view the videos that have been uploaded or added to that team. You can filter using video type, season or custom labels that you’ve added in your Hudl library; you’ll also be able to search using the text search option.

Select download and the video and data will begin to download immediately, straight into a Hudl Sportscode video package. You’ll then be able to see the download progress on that file and the estimated amount of download time remaining.

After a short moment, you can open the package and the video will start to appear in your timeline. You can begin working with it right away including using label mode to add more data to the timeline, using the matrix to view data or selecting instances and sending these to an organizer, sorter or database.

That’s not all, we’ve further enhancements coming. We will streamline other parts of the video package workflow: you'll be able to upload timelines to existing packages, as well as upload new video packages, all from within Hudl Sportscode.

Incorporating the Hudl Library into Hudl Sportscode will save analysts lots of time and is just the start. Hudl plans to deepen this integration, in the coming year users can expect to save even more time and perform more powerful analysis by combining the powerful and familiar analysis tools of Hudl Sportscode with a vast library of video and data in the cloud.

For a step by step guide see our support page