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Product Downloads

If you need an older version of Sportscode, Gamebreaker Plus, Coda or Studiocode, please fill out the form below and we’ll send you an email with the download file.

Hudl Sportscode

Elite, Elite Review, Pro, Pro Review, Gamebreaker, Player running macOS Monterey >= 12.3, macOS Ventura >= 13.3 or macOS Sonoma >= 14.0

Download Hudl Sportscode (12.28.0)


Elite or Elite Review running macOS Catalina 10.15.X, BigSur 11.X or macOS Monterey >= 12.3 and a Hudl Gold Account

Download Insight (1.18.0)


Elite Licenses Only running macOS 10.15.X (Catalina), 11.X (BigSur), 12.X (Monterey), 13.X (Ventura)

Download Studio (2.2.4)

Coda Version 2.7.1 (latest version)

Running macOS 10.12.X (Sierra) or 10.13.X (High Sierra) or 10.14.X (Mojave) or 10.15.X (Catalina) or 11.X.X (Big Sur)

Download Coda Version 2.7.1 (latest version) (2.7.1)