The WIMU PRO wearable devices will join Hudl’s suite of professional-grade tools to strengthen the most-advanced performance analysis solution in the industry

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LINCOLN, Neb., May 19, 2022 –– Hudl, the industry-leading sports performance analysis company, announces the Spanish company Realtrack Systems is joining the Hudl family. This marks Hudl’s first acquisition in human performance wearable technology.

“We helped revolutionize the scouting and recruitment industry with the addition of Wyscout nearly three years ago—merging workflows across analysis and recruitment. Now, with Realtrack Systems on board, our emergence into the wearable and player monitoring space allows us to continue our commitment to help clubs of all sizes make impactful, data-driven decisions every day,” said Sam Lloyd, senior vice president of elite business at Hudl. 

The WIMU PRO system is Realtrack’s flagship athlete monitoring device that tracks workload, intensity, recovery and recuperation during training sessions and matches. The product tracks up to 20,000 data points per second and monitors more than 250 variables for each individual athlete, with applications for real-time monitoring, post session in-depth analysis and cloud-based customizable dashboards. 

The WIMU devices were the first in the industry with the hybrid capability to transmit data using GPS and ultra-wideband, resulting in highly accurate data generated in both indoor and outdoor settings. WIMU PRO received the International Match Standard (IMS) certification from FIFA in 2018 and is used by top-end organizations globally including LaLiga, FC Barcelona, the Spanish National Team and Liga MX in Mexico.

With Realtrack Systems on board, our emergence into the wearable and player monitoring space allows us to continue our commitment to help clubs of all sizes make impactful, data-driven decisions every day. Sam Lloyd - Hudl's Senior VP of elite business

Connecting the WIMU system and its physical metrics to Hudl’s suite of professional-grade solutions will strengthen the most advanced performance analysis solution in the industry. By bringing video and data from Hudl’s solutions and pairing it with human performance data from WIMU, sport scientists, analysts and coaches can break down department silos and connect their data, allowing data points to be quickly turned into insights, leading to more impactful decisions and time savings. 

“Both Realtrack and Hudl are committed to revolutionizing the performance analysis industry and joining forces with Hudl allows us to continue to develop technology that answers the requirements of the industry, both for today and tomorrow. Hudl’s global experience will also allow us to significantly scale our operations, ensuring we continue to provide world-class support services to our customers and partners,” said Realtrack Systems CEO Isabel Pérez Segura.

Together Hudl and Realtrack are determined to help the industry continue to evolve with the democratization of best practices and help organizations never miss a moment. “We’re seeing a convergence of coaching, analysis and performance departments in the most forward-thinking sports organizations—and our effort in the upcoming months will be focused on connecting WIMU to Hudl Pro Suite products, to make it easier for clubs to navigate across multiple systems, streamline workflows and save critical time across the disciplines of sport science, analysis and coaching,” said Lloyd.

About Hudl

Hudl is a pioneer in performance analysis technology, now helping more than 200K teams in 40+ global sports prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Every product, feature and tool is designed with one purpose in mind: to ensure coaches and athletes make every moment count. A complete suite of video and data products ensures coaches have the insights they need and athletes get the shot they deserve. From grassroots to the pros, more than 6M users utilize Hudl's best-in-class software, hardware and services, including online coaching tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics, professional consultation and more. 

Hudl has more than 3,200 employees operating out of 17 countries. With a global team of engineers, analysts and support, they’re building the world’s most powerful network of sports video and data.

About Realtrack Systems

Realtrack Systems has spent the last decade innovating on athlete tracking and monitoring in high performance sports. The Company combines both hardware and software offerings, providing a vertically integrated platform to measure and analyze athletic performance. Realtrack’s products track up to 20,000 data points per second and monitor more than 250 variables for each individual athlete. The Company’s customer base includes some of the most premier football institutions in the world, including national teams and clubs in La Liga and La Liga MX. Realtrack first initiated market research and developmental testing in 2007. The Company is headquartered in Spain, with offices in Almeria and Barcelona, and a dedicated team within the Football Mexican Federation Centro de Innovación Tecnológica.


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