Whether you’re looking for an auto-tracking camera with hands-free technology, complete Hudl integration or livestream­ing capa­bil­i­ties, Hudl Focus stands above all other options. Find out why.

Modern basketball is a fast-paced world that has pushed coaching staff and analysis departments to streamline their workflows, in order to create more efficient and effective evaluations of players’ performances and development. When thinking about your own process and analysis workflow, one of the first things to assess is how you capture and share your team’s performances on the court.

Traditional basketball video cam­eras are ade­quate for record­ing games and prac­tices, but the need for dedicated, reliable resources can often mean they fall short in stream­lin­ing coach­ing work­flows or providing consistent, high-quality video from the perfect angle. 

That’s where Hudl Focus comes in. It’s a pro­fes­­sion­al-grade cam­era that not only han­dles the record­ing of your bas­ket­ball games, but also the upload­ing and shar­ing of game footage — all automatically.

An auto-tracking camera that simplifies the coaching process.

Hudl Focus is the only basketball cam­era that comes with com­plete Hudl inte­gra­tion. This means your games and prac­tices are auto­mat­i­cal­ly record­ed and uploaded to Hudl, sav­ing you time to focus on what mat­ters most —evaluating performances and  devel­op­ing your players.

“One part I use Focus for is the games. So I have the match sched­ule and the cam­eras start when the game starts. I use it for prac­tice as well — I record every prac­tice. For prac­tice I use mul­ti­ple cam­era angles for analy­sis and dur­ing live play I use the cam­era that fol­lows the ball,” said Hermann Paar, head coach of BBC Gréngewald Hueschtert.

“The Focus footage is qual­i­ty and I can send high­lights and video cuts for all play­ers to their Hudl online account for their use. This is enough for what we need, to send the video cuts to the play­ers on their smart­phones or lap­tops to show game films from here in the gym. So for that, it’s per­fect and good com­mu­ni­ca­tion in that way.”

Get consistent, high-quality video from the perfect angle.

Hudl Focus also pro­vides access to HD video from the best seat in the house, ensur­ing your team nev­er miss­es an impor­tant moment on the court.

And with real-time ball track­ing and 180-degree panoram­ic high-qual­i­ty video, coach­es and ath­letes can be con­fi­dent they’ll uncov­er pre­vi­ous­ly unfore­seen details that accel­er­ate the devel­op­ment process.

A livestream camera that lets you stream basketball games your way.

Teams across the globe and at all lev­els of com­pe­ti­tion are rely­ing on Hudl Focus to deliv­er a mod­ern and mem­o­rable fan experience, especially during a time when supporters are not allowed into arenas due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Livestreaming your games sets your club up for suc­cess by allow­ing your fans to stay con­nect­ed with your team with­out hav­ing to step foot in your court. And because Hudl Focus lets you livestream your way, you can use this feature to keep fans engaged with the team even if they can’t attend the game, also giving you new opportunities to please sponsors with the exposure they desire.

Check out our livestream guide to start broad­cast­ing your games today.

A camera install process that makes getting started quick and simple.

Hudl Focus offers a quick and sim­ple self-instal­la­tion process with no addi­tion­al instal­la­tion, loca­tion change or removal fees. The Focus app makes set­up a breeze—you won't need an expen­sive third-par­ty installer.

Best of all, our world-class sup­port team ensures most instal­la­tions hap­pen in less than an hour!

A cutting-edge recording solution that fits your budget.

With the current pandemic situation affecting team budgets heavily, it’s more important than ever that video and performance analysis can be affordable, preventing departments from possible budget cuts due to lower incomes with no fans in the arenas.

Hudl Focus allows all your coaching staff and players to access a higher quality of video from games and practices at an affordable cost, allowing you to maximize value for money.

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