Install Your Camera

What You’ll Need

  • Ethernet cable
  • Extension cord (option­al)

What’s Included

  • Camera
  • Power cable (6 ft.)

Install the Camera

  1. Slide the mount wings into the mount slots on the back of your camera.

  2. As you attach the cam­era, pull out the adjust­ment pins on the side.

  3. Once the cam­era sits secure­ly on the mount, angle it down toward your court and release the pins to lock it into place.

  4. Attach the pow­er cable by plug­ging one end into the port on the bot­tom of the unit and the oth­er end into the wall outlet.

  5. Attach one end of your eth­er­net cord (not pro­vid­ed) through the port labeled data on the back of the unit and con­nect the oth­er end to the eth­er­net port in your wall.

  6. Once your device receives pow­er, you’ll see a sta­tus light is locat­ed below the Hudl logo.

      • A white light indi­cates the cam­era is in stand­by mode, and is ready to record.
      • A green light indi­cates the device is recording.
      • A sol­id yel­low light could indi­cate issues with your net­work or cam­era acti­va­tion. Check the Hudl Focus app for instruc­tions on what to do next.
      • If you see a red flash­ing light, give our sup­port team a call.
      • A puls­ing orange light indi­cates the cam­era is boot­ing up.
      • If there are no lights, the cam­era does not have pow­er and can­not record.
  7. Once the device is on and you see two sol­id yel­low sta­tus lights, you’re clear to move on to cam­era acti­va­tion.


Aim your cam­era so that the entire court is in the field of vision.