Whether you’re a heavy user of breakdown data or looking to go beyond the basics of ODK, this session will show you how the best teams and coaches use data to fuel their game plans.

We gathered insights from top coaches across the country, covering a range of topics from their scouting process to the reports they use to game plan. We consolidated our findings in a free, 45-minute recorded class.

In this class, we divulge these coaches’ strategies and walk through examples of basic, advanced and custom data on Hudl. You’ll learn how to create default and custom reports and dig deeper into them to gain a competitive edge.

What can you expect to learn from this class?

  • Examples of basic, advanced and custom data.

  • How to use reports to impact your game prep.

  • New ideas for custom breakdown columns.

  • The most common default and custom reports used by coaches.

  • Recommended methods to get data into Hudl.

Get the free recording of this online class: Uncover Insights and Opponent Tendencies with Hudl Data.