Download from Hudl to Hudl Sportscode

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.

To download video from Hudl directly to a Hudl Sportscode package:

  1. Launch Hudl Sportscode.

  2. Select File > Open from Hudl...

  3. Sign in to your Hudl account. This will only appear for the initial login.

  4. Choose the package you wish to download.

  5. Click Download.

  6. The package will start downloading to your Downloads folder with an estimated time to completion.

  7. Select Open to begin reviewing the video. As the download progresses, the package will update with available video and data, indicated by the green bar.

    For packages uploaded to Hudl before 7 Feb 2020, instances may be misaligned with video. Check out this tutorial for information on instance adjustments or contact Hudl Support.