How Video Can Enhance Your Volleyball Coaching Toolkit

Learn how vol­ley­ball coach­es can enhance their play­ers’ learn­ing expe­ri­ence through the pow­er of video.

How Video Can Enhance Your Volleyball Coaching Toolkit

Learn how vol­ley­ball coach­es can enhance their play­ers’ learn­ing expe­ri­ence through the pow­er of video.

It doesn’t mat­ter where you’re from or what lev­el of com­pe­ti­tion you’re in – coach­ing boils down to plan­ning prac­tices, scout­ing oppo­nents, devis­ing game plans and lead­ing players. 

However, what sep­a­rates the good coach­es from the great ones is the abil­i­ty to effec­tive­ly and effi­cient­ly pass insights to staff and players. 

Outside of lever­ag­ing years of expe­ri­ence, the best way to enhance your coach­ing toolk­it is to uti­lize the pow­er of video.

Practice Makes Perfect

The very back­bone of coach­ing is plan­ning and run­ning prac­tices. With the pow­er of video, you can ensure drills are run properly.

Does your team have an abnor­mal­ly high ser­vice error rate? Use Hudl Technique’s slow-motion play­back and draw­ing tools to ensure play­ers con­sis­tent­ly exe­cute prop­er serv­ing form. Record play­ers as they go through the Corner Serve and Serving to 21 drills to iden­ti­fy hitch­es in any of the key com­po­nents of a per­fect serve – the rou­tine, the toss, the approach and the contact.

Provide instant feedback to your players with real-time video analysis.

With a sec­ond set of eyes you can run prac­tices more effi­cient­ly. Give instant feed­back by review­ing videos to make your teach­ings more effec­tive. How’s that for a 1 – 2 punch?

Recon at the Ready

Football, bas­ket­ball and soc­cer teams at all lev­els include scout­ing oppo­nent video as part of their coach­ing rou­tines. Why not you?

The dif­fer­ence between win­ning and los­ing match­es lies in iden­ti­fy­ing and exploit­ing the weak­ness­es and ten­den­cies of your oppo­nent. Video can uncov­er those habits and stats can back up those findings. 

For teams that have access to scout video, this (rec­og­niz­ing ten­den­cies) may include video clips along­side hand­outs of top hit­ters and rota­tions, both in serve receive and point score phase, watched a cou­ple days before the match.” — Marie E. Zidek — DePaul University, Assistant Coaches Committee

With Hudl’s in-depth reports, review­ing stats gath­ered from video to find an opponent’s weak­est rota­tions and most fre­quent errors is easy as pie. And since we’ve part­nered with pop­u­lar vol­ley­ball stat appli­ca­tions – AOC VBStats, iStatVball 2, Volleyball Ace, and SoloStats Live – chances are there’s a tag­ging inter­face per­fect for you!

Thinking of a Master Plan

Video can be a cru­cial tool in your oppo­nent scout­ing efforts, but watch­ing your own team’s game footage also has its ben­e­fits: you can jus­ti­fy assump­tions regard­ing your best line­ups and find key insights to devise potent game plans.

Tagged video is auto­mat­i­cal­ly fil­tered into playlists for you to eas­i­ly find each game’s most impor­tant moments and to avoid sift­ing through hours of video clips.

You’ve assumed one par­tic­u­lar rota­tion is the most effec­tive for a left-side attack – now back up that assump­tion by review­ing all clips of attack attempts. Analyze side out and serve per­cent­age sta­tis­tics in Hudl’s reports to prove your point even more. 

To your improve your block­ing, look for ten­den­cies in the oppos­ing team’s offense. Notice on every per­fect pass with­in three feet, the set­ter likes to run the mid­dle. Anytime the pass is out­side the five foot line, the mid­dle is no longer an option. Think how much more effec­tive your mid­dle block­ers will be if they can iden­ti­fy ten­den­cies and elim­i­nate poten­tial offen­sive options.

Say good­bye to guess­work and hel­lo to fine-tuned strategies.

Motivate, Communicate, Dominate

Practice itin­er­aries and game plans won’t mean any­thing if they aren’t com­mu­ni­cat­ed effectively. 

Through Hudl’s mes­sag­ing tools* you can pass along coach­ing insights, impor­tant files or video playlists with indi­vid­ual coach­es and ath­letes, cus­tom groups or your entire team right inside the app. Now you can moti­vate and edu­cate play­ers on and off the court with­out the fear of intrud­ing on their per­son­al lines of communication. 

*You must use the most recent Hudl app to access the mes­sag­ing feature. 

Ready to inte­grate video into your coach­ing rou­tine? Try Hudl for free today. Make this the year that you start tak­ing stats seri­ous­ly. Make this the year that you DOMINATE!

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