Lincoln, NE (March 10, 2022) - Gatorade and Hudl are teaming up to offer the Level the Playing Field grant, which will award three years of access to Hudl software and hardware technology to three U.S.-based youth sports organizations. Each organization will have the ability to customize its own Hudl product suite to help them reach their goals. 

Fuel what matters
We're doing our part to ensure equity and fair play in sports.

“We know sports have the ability to change lives. And ensuring equity is part of growing the game. The Level the Playing Field grant is one way we at Hudl can expand access to deserving youth. We’re proud to team up with Gatorade and reach even more organizations to help fuel tomorrow,” said Hudl’s CEO David Graff. 

Along with three years of free Hudl products, each grant recipient will receive one-on-one training for their new hardware and software. The recipients will also be featured in a Hudl original video series, “The Playing Field,” presented by Gatorade, which will highlight the selfless mentors who dedicate themselves to lifting up student-athletes in their community.

“Capturing the stories of each of these deserving organizations, including their athletes, coaches, volunteers and community members who are all committed to making it work—it’s truly inspiring,” said Emma Hulsey, media operations manager at Hudl. “The Playing Field” series will be filmed in summer 2022 and debut this fall. 

To nominate an organization, complete the online application form before March 27, 2022. Learn more about the Level the Playing Field grant and apply at