Find and scout the future of your volleyball program by making it easy to search prospects, break down their full game video, and make player investments with more confidence using Recruit. 

Recruit for Volleyball can be broken down into three key areas that cater to every phase of the recruiting process. Learn how you can leverage the largest collection of video and highlights on top junior clubs to find the perfect recruits for your program. 

1. Search

Consolidating platforms can be a hassle for staff in the searching process, but with all prospect video in one place, Recruit for Volleyball offers the most comprehensive library of game footage, highlights and academic info for athletes across the country. 

You can search players by every position, location, year of graduation, GPA and height in the Recruit platform.

2. Evaluate 

Run on-demand evaluations with higher depth and breadth to align your staff. Review footage comprehensively after every game with full match uploads. With over 150,000 athletes across club, high school, and junior college in our ecosystem, you'll be able to find any film from any prospect you need.

3. Commit

Gain deeper insights, invest smarter, and make player investments. Underpin subjective opinion with extensive evidence to have confidence in every offer with background info on every athlete. Also keep tabs on your already committed players to deepen their connection with your team.

Save your targeted prospects to a list and have all of the information you need handy in a curated list in the Recruit platform.

Getting started

  • To get started, simply search an athlete you're looking for and click into their most recent game. You can do this via school name and specific characteristics, such as: height, weight, playing position and graduating class. You can also layer in academic records for a more holistic view of a prospect's potential. 
  • Recruit makes it easy to filter down full games to the plays that matter most, so you can be more efficient
  • Organize and keep track of your prospects with colored statuses that you can customize to match your program’s workflows and philosophy. Access those prospects from your main dashboard in the status grouping or by position.
Recruit 2021 Volleyball Game
Assess potential recruits with high-quality video footage.

Hudl Senior Solutions Consultant, Giuseppe Vinci, has seen proven results for Recruit in the college setting over his period with the company.

“Recruit is what many coaches have been asking for for years,” said Vinci. “It’s a step in the right direction towards being able to compare and evaluate athletes as a staff more efficiently and bring your long list of prospects down to a targeted one. Ultimately, this increases confidence in every offer you make with full match film and background info on athletes.”

“Hudl has a huge database of volleyball film that will only continue to get bigger,” said Hudl Product Consultant Manager Tori Phllips. “The online filters and search engine help you find the type of athlete you are looking for and keep your list of prospects clean and organized.”

With Recruit, you can gain access to video and player profile information for every amateur athlete on Hudl.

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