Marko Klok Interview: The Value of Analysis in Elite Volleyball

Marko Klok Interview: The Value of Analysis in Elite Volleyball

An accom­plished play­er in his own right, win­ning the 1995 European beach vol­ley­ball cham­pi­onships to add to his sil­ver medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Marko Klok knows what it takes to per­form at the top level. 

Now coach­ing the Dutch women’s nation­al team and suc­cess­ful Swiss men’s club side Lindaren Volley Amriswil, we get the run­down on the pow­er of game analy­sis in elite-lev­el volleyball.

How Crucial Is Analysis to Elite-Level Volleyball?

Yes, it’s cru­cial as you use it before the game, but also in the moment,” said Klok. You can always use it at any moment, and dur­ing the game, still things are hap­pen­ing and chang­ing dif­fer­ent­ly than you expect so that you have to adjust again and you need to direct infor­ma­tion. For exam­ple, you want to know how is the recep­tion or attack per­cent­age from the oth­er team, dur­ing the game. I want to have per­cent­ages from each set and moment played. It’s a con­trast process of infor­ma­tion that is avail­able at every moment.”

The One Platform Solution

Once upon a time in the vol­ley­ball world, it took a huge amount of effort to pro­cure game and scout­ing footage, but now in the mod­ern era it’s all avail­able in one cen­tral online hub. 

Before I think you need­ed a lot of con­nec­tions with oth­er coach­es, or oth­er con­tacts, so you could ask for video or scout files to be sent, or have to deal with scouts direct­ly,” said Klok. I also know dif­fer­ent scouts in my teams from my play­ing days that I am still in touch with, who I can ask, but it’s com­pli­cat­ed if you have to ask every time for every sin­gle game or sin­gle com­pe­ti­tion. So it’s great that there are so many leagues pre­sent­ed on the Volleymetrics plat­form and I don’t have to ask any­body unique for infor­ma­tion when it is on the plat­form. Once you have con­tact with Volleymetrics as a club, you can use it as if almost the whole world is at your laptop.”

Once you have con­tact with Volleymetrics as a club, you can use it as if almost the whole world is at your laptop.”

The Value of Volleymetrics

As a coach for both a nation­al side and a club side, coach Klok sees reaI val­ue in using one video analy­sis solu­tion for both roles. 

I use Volleymetrics and I use it dou­ble because for both teams as it means more data, more videos, more games,” said Klok. Starting with my men’s team, as before every sea­son you have to make a new team or at least find a few new play­ers. During the sea­son I also use the Volleymetrics plat­form to view dif­fer­ent leagues and dif­fer­ent games. The play­ers with the Dutch women’s team play in a range of dif­fer­ent leagues, so it’s good to be able to fol­low them using Volleymetrics dur­ing the season.” 

As well as this, dur­ing the sea­son it’s absolute­ly cru­cial for oppo­nent analy­sis. Of course, dur­ing com­pe­ti­tion, we have all the infor­ma­tion from oth­er games that are played by our oppo­nents,” said Klok. It’s a pos­si­bil­i­ty for us to get all the infor­ma­tion we want with­out Volleymetrics, but that is a which is a chal­lenge. Now you have it all on one plat­form and that it makes it look so much eas­i­er and more efficient.”

Developing Your Players with Volleymetrics

At both club and nation­al lev­el, long term suc­cess is always going to depend on the con­tin­u­al improve­ment of play­er devel­op­ment, which is now being improved by the use of Volleymetrics as an analy­sis tool. We start­ed to use analy­sis in this way last sea­son with the Dutch nation­al team,” said Klok. Our scout always records our prac­tices and also does the scout work and then us as coach­es can tag the player’s actions from these prac­tices on Volleymetrics and they can watch it or at their own, or togeth­er with us. It’s good to have dai­ly the pos­si­bil­i­ty to check play­ers’ sit­u­a­tions, tech­niques, deci­sions, they make. So it’s not only use­ful dur­ing the games, but also espe­cial­ly for prepa­ra­tion of the next game.

I use Volleymetrics and I use it dou­ble because for both teams as it means more data, more videos, more games”

The serve and recep­tion phase of play is extreme­ly impor­tant in vol­ley­ball, a moment where strate­gic posi­tion­ing must be made both on the offen­sive side of the court. This is a key area where Klok uses Volleymetrics to coach his teams. 

In the recep­tion we use Volleymetrics a lot as the recep­tion starts many times from our kind of sys­tem that you play with,” said Klok. And then you can take into account cer­tain servers, jump, float or spin. Depending on the sit­u­a­tion where the poten­tial prob­lems are ques­tions we ask so they can be iso­lat­ed and dis­played to the play­ers sim­ply. For exam­ple, how we would receive the jumped float serve. This is not just about tim­ing, it’s about posi­tion, tech­nique, it’s about angles, it’s about foot­work that we can ana­lyze. This is real­ly help­ful for many more basic skills, such as the set­ting, block­ing and attacking.”

Opponent Analysis

When asked what his key objec­tive is as a coach, Klok said is it to pre­pare his play­ers as good as pos­si­ble for the expect­ed and unex­pect­ed”. The best way to do that is to know your oppo­si­tion through analysis. 

We want to know how the oppo­nent plays and what our play­ers can expect,” said Klok. For exam­ple, which kind of ser­vices, how the serv­er is run­ning the attack. You can see more and more through video to dis­play the sys­tems in which oppo­nents will try to block defen­sive recep­tions. I don’t tell the play­ers every­thing, but I need to know every­thing and then I can tell the play­ers when necessary.

My main goal for every play­er is to make them bet­ter play­ers indi­vid­u­al­ly and to improve their skill set and espe­cial­ly abil­i­ty to read the game. The more videos from prac­tices and games you watch, the more you learn about the game. So that’s our main goal, and then if I do this for every indi­vid­ual play­er, you can per­form also as a bet­ter team and this starts with each indi­vid­ual to make them bet­ter and the best possible.” 

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