More than 200 Sportscode users from elite teams and clubs have now attended exclusive workshop events to hear about the upcoming release of Hudl Sportscode. After seeing an in-depth presentation by Product Manager Paul Arnott, they all got hands-on with the new product and other parts of the Hudl Pro Suite.

The events in Dusseldorf, Barcelona, Paris, London and Manchester saw analysts from football, rugby, hockey and basketball come together to quiz Paul and other specialists on the workings of Hudl Sportscode, what it can do, and our plans for the future.

“Excitement is building as we move closer to launching Hudl Sportscode and it was great for users to see the new product first-hand,” said Sam Lloyd, Vice President of Elite Sports at Hudl.

“The overwhelming feedback from attendees was very positive and we’re now even more excited to bring Hudl Sportscode to market.”

Due for release mid-2019, Hudl Sportscode is a brand new version of the market-leading product that will see improved multi-angle capture, presentations, performance and more.

Lloyd added, “This project has been over a year in the making. Over 150 teams have helped test the new version and helped us identify and prioritise issues and enhancements. We’re really excited about where Hudl Sportscode will take performance analysis.”

To watch our keynote presentation on Hudl Sportscode, which features some of the exciting improvements coming soon, click here.