Identifying talent is one of sport’s most competitive challenges, with a perpetual search for the next star player. However, the reality for most intermediaries is less about unearthing the next Ballon d’Or winner and more about ensuring they have a strong portfolio of players that can help build a sustainable and successful business.

The process of talent identification has evolved to become a major industry for clubs and independent intermediaries -  driving talent-development from “luck” to “design” via a more systematic, data-driven approach. Thanks to video and technology, scouting youth players across the world has become a lot easier and today, there’s virtually no limit to where and when intermediaries can look for players.

This blog series is a practical guide through the multiple tools on the Wyscout platform that can help intermediaries to become more efficient and more effective in their role. In this part, we take a look at how intermediaries can take advantage of the Talent Center and Advanced Search tools, as well as the new Exclusive Youth Competitions Pack, to find the best young talents around the world.

Wyscout Talent Center is the perfect place to look for young talented players on Wyscout. Drawing from a database of more than 600,000 players, Talent Center allows you to monitor the most interesting players around the world through a combination of video and data – from the comfort of your place of work.

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4 steps to use Wyscout Talent Center

  1. Access the platform, then open the App menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on “Talent Center” in the ‘Scouting and Transfer’ section.
  3. The first view shows players that, despite their young age, are already regular starters in their first teams (minimum 20% of total minutes in the current season).
  4. Advance your search further based on your additional criteria and set your custom filters, including competition, position, and birth date.

You can also search and filter via:

  • Club Debuts → U21 players that debuted in the first-team in the domestic league
  • National Debuts → Players that debuted at their Senior National Team
  • Breakthrough → Young players that started playing regularly for the first team for the first time in their career
  • Underage → Underage players that are playing in a category at least two years older than them
  • All Young Players → Select the countries where you want to focus and see the results.
A laptop depicting the advanced search functionality of Wyscout

5 steps to use Advanced Search

The Advanced Search tool can be used to set up a certain amount of customized filters in order to search a specific range of players within the Wyscout database.

  1. Access the platform, then open the App menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on “Advanced Search” in the ‘Core Products’ section.
  3. On the left-hand side of the screen, select those filters needed to find the players you’re looking for. Options include competitions, timeframe, position on the pitch, and dozens of customizable stats filters.
  4. On the top-right corner, click on the drop-down menu to select the preferred view, or choose which column to display by clicking on the near button.
  5. Lists on the Advanced Search tool can be exported by clicking on the “Export to Excel” button on the low-right corner of the screen.

Wyscout’s new Exclusive Youth Competitions Pack means that you can follow over 30 of the most prestigious international youth tournaments from one single platform.

As competitions often clash and crossover, this update to Wyscout allows intermediaries to never miss a moment in the search for high-caliber youth players, while also eliminating the costs and logistical difficulties of travel

With exclusive access to more than 250 teams and 3,500 players from U14 to U21 level, Wyscout puts intermediaries in a privileged position when it comes to sourcing the stars of tomorrow.

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