Negotiating and agreeing player transfers is a complex and hugely competitive business. Agencies and intermediaries who understand and implement a greater application of video and data are speaking in the new language of football, allowing them to connect the right player to the right club whilst demonstrating greater value.

At Wyscout our mission is to empower football professionals with technology and data to enhance their role and become more effective in their daily work. With data and video solutions designed to support the needs of multiple stakeholders within the modern game, Wyscout solutions have been designed to help intermediaries maximize the labor and financial investment across their portfolio of players.

This blog series is a practical guide through the multiple tools on the Wyscout platform that can help intermediaries to become more efficient and more effective in their role. In this part, we’ll take a look at the various portfolio management steps to be taken when monitoring performances, one of the most important aspects of a modern intermediary’s job.

In Wyscout, ‘Agent Portfolio’ can be used as a ‘shortcut’ to access all content related to the players managed by the same agent. By adding every assisted footballer to the Portfolio, agents are able to keep track of their performances by checking video and stats regularly

Setting up your portfolio takes just a few minutes with access to over 600,000 players in the Wyscout database. Simply select players that you manage to view their profiles.

When adding a player, intermediaries can specify contract information - or if they are without a contract at all - and other key information, such as expected player value, and when the intermediary/player partnership will end - or when the mandate will cease. All the information is easily accessible in the portfolio view, alongside useful stats, video and data about the players.

The ‘Events’ and ‘Stats’ tab can be checked to see all the video clips and the data related to the selected player. All videos are divided by type – i.e. smart passes, defending duels, shots, etc – while stats can be filtered by competition, season, position and other parameters, giving you complete flexibility to select the data that is important to you.

Adding selected video clips to create a custom, personalized playlist allows you to share with other colleagues within the agency.

5 steps to get started

  1. Access the platform, then open the App menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on “Agent” in the Other Apps section.
  3. Go to the player’s profile and view the latest clips and statistics (stats tab)
  4. Add the most important clips in a custom playlist to be shared with your colleagues within the agency: save the playlist and then move it into the Group Folder you will find in the “Video” > “My Playlist” section in your personal profile.
  5. Go to ‘my playlist’, click on the gear icon on the playlist and select ‘move to’, then add it to the Group Folder. This will give all your colleagues access to the playlist.

Having an organized and accessible portfolio has historically been a challenge for many intermediaries but can prove to be a major asset when deadlines are fast approaching and intermediaries are engaging in multiple opportunities for a variety of players. 

When working in the hectic hours of the transfer season, having the ability to be efficient and effective is vital and increases the ability to finalize better deals for players and intermediaries.

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