Mader and VCN are using Hudl’s suite of tools to set a standard of excellence in club volleyball while empowering athletes to own their recruiting journey.

Volleyball and Daniel Mader are a perfect pair. As a former collegiate athlete, he knows the ins and outs required for success. It’s a championship mindset—the drive to perform at your very best.

When he joined the elite VC Nebraska (VCN) club in 2013, it was a natural fit. The very mission of the club is to provide correct training for all ages, and success at the next level. Mader and VC Nebraska breed winners.

The Winning Model

The 2021 USA Volleyball (USAV) Girls 18s Junior National Championship brought a new opportunity for VCN. In search of a championship, they turned to Hudl to help them improve and prepare. This turned out to play a huge role in the club's success.

Hudl was already beloved by VCN. They used its Assist capabilities and shareable video to give players access to see their own performance, and help coaches plan for practices and matches. Now, all these elements would come together at the biggest moment, on the grandest stage.

VCN successfully beat every new team they encountered, but their final match would be different. During a meeting, Mader noticed their opponent was actually a club they’d played previously. He immediately opened Hudl to pull up the game film. 

Those past recordings helped form an integrated game strategy. Coaches used shot charts to aid player movements, and isolated specific occurrences to play to club strengths. Players took corrections and focused them on the court. The end result? A USAV Junior Nationals championship for VCN.

Recruiting, on Their Terms

Though they were champions on the court, VCN's goals go one step further. They aim to prepare players for success at the next stage. For many, that means entering the stressful and competitive recruiting process. Luckily, the club has continued its winning ways off the court. 

“Over the last five years, every senior in our program has played at the collegiate level,” said Mader. Talk about good outcomes.

As their main recruiting tool, Hudl plays a key role in the education and development of the footage. “I’ve gone through a lot of recruiting films—almost all them are Hudl recorded content,” said Mader. 

VCN athletes are responsible for creating their own recruiting packages for coaches, which is all possible from the Hudl app. Players can frame plays coaches want to see, and share more footage when asked. With Hudl, VCN athletes build a complete profile that attracts top coaches.

That doesn't mean the club can't provide guidance and helpful hints. Film sessions are meant to develop "accomplishments that build confidence." They may not even realize it, but Hudl is a tool that inspires VCN's athletes. And inspiration is a vital component to success.

Surround Yourself with Winners

What does it take to cultivate a championship mindset? For VCN, it’s about surrounding yourself with top talent. Hudl's data-driven platforms create best-in-class solutions that elevate performance and support coach efforts. It's what will take your club, and your players, to the next level. And as Mader realized, it proved to be their secret superpower in their club's championship.

Update: A few months after this article was published, Mader decided he enjoyed Hudl so much that he chose to come work with us. Want to pick his brain? He'd love to hear from you! You can contact him at

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