Building a Better Football Program

Our friends at BridgeAthletic are here to help ensure that your rou­tine in the weight room sets your team up for suc­cess on the gridiron.

Building a Better Football Program

Our friends at BridgeAthletic are here to help ensure that your rou­tine in the weight room sets your team up for suc­cess on the gridiron.

Outside the prac­tice field, the weight room is a sec­ond home for foot­ball play­ers. Strength train­ing plays a sig­nif­i­cant role in the devel­op­ment of a foot­ball team. A suc­cess­ful strength and con­di­tion­ing pro­gram can be the defin­ing fac­tor for har­ness­ing raw young tal­ent into true ath­leti­cism. In a sport that demands a capac­i­ty for both agili­ty and pow­er, a dynam­ic train­ing plan to accom­mo­date ath­letes’ needs should be well doc­u­ment­ed to track ath­let­ic devel­op­ment with­in mul­ti­ple growth areas.

Set a Baseline

The best coach­es take note of where their ath­letes’ start­ing point is for the sea­son. In order to con­tin­ue to chal­lenge their ath­letes with­out over­load­ing, coach­es must under­stand their base­line by record­ing both quan­ti­ta­tive and qual­i­ta­tive aspects of their devel­op­ment pro­gram. While record­ing one rep max equiv­a­lent (%1RME) for key exer­cis­es is nec­es­sary, set­ting a base­line for oth­er key met­rics such as nutri­tion, sleep, weight, and more is best prac­tice as well. Once you’ve got your base­lines set, then track­ing ath­let­ic devel­op­ment is key to build­ing a sus­tained com­pet­i­tive advan­tage over the long term.

Increased Coaching Efficiency

Being a strength coach means spend­ing time devel­op­ing play­ers into ath­letes, coach­ing form, tech­nique and char­ac­ter, as well as push­ing indi­vid­u­als to their lim­its so they improve. However, it also entails hours spent build­ing and ana­lyz­ing train­ing, ensur­ing that your ath­letes are devel­op­ing to their poten­tial but not over­worked to cause injury. How you track that progress can be the dif­fer­ence between spend­ing hours on the com­put­er for­mat­ting spread­sheets and spend­ing that time with your ath­letes. The BridgeAthletic plat­form allows coach­es to build a full train­ing pro­gram and assign it in min­utes. Advanced algo­rithms do the heavy lift­ing behind the scenes, elim­i­nat­ing the need for updat­ing for­mu­lae and man­u­al­ly inputting results after each work­out. Once you’ve uploaded your ath­letes into the plat­form and bro­ken them down into posi­tion­al groups just like in prac­tice, track­ing ath­let­ic devel­op­ment becomes 3 sim­ple steps:

1) Build a pro­gram for one posi­tion­al group in min­utes. Customize it for each indi­vid­ual and clone it to oth­er posi­tions so you’ve always got a base to start with. No for­mat­ting, just build­ing made simple.

2) Athletes access their work­outs in the weight room with the mul­ti-ath­lete tablet view or remote­ly on their own mobile device. Each exer­cise has videos & cues so the ath­letes always know exact­ly what you’ve assigned and can update their results as they com­plete each exercise.

3) As soon as the ath­letes com­plete their work­outs, all the data is imme­di­ate­ly saved to their pro­file, allow­ing you to see their progress and com­pare play­ers with­in the team. With tracked test results, chart the gains your ath­letes have made and update the entire team’s per­for­mance data with a quick click.


A suc­cess­ful strength pro­gram can be the defin­ing fac­tor for hav­ing a win­ning sea­son. A coach’s job is to pro­vide the best train­ing for their play­ers that is posi­tion-spe­cif­ic and max­i­mizes ath­let­ic poten­tial. When per­for­mance and progress is tracked, play­er progress and pro­gres­sions can be altered to keep push­ing lim­its while reduc­ing the risk of injury. Spend less time in spread­sheets, and be on the floor with your ath­letes. Smarter train­ing, bet­ter results, BridgeAthletic.

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