With a maximum of 30 seconds on the clock to take a shot on any given play, basketball is one of the fastest games in sports. To gain insights on such a quick game at an elite-level requires an analysis tool that can influence decision making at the speed of the game, while it happens.

We spoke to University of North Carolina Director of Player and Team Development Jackie Manuel to discuss the value of real-time video analysis for this seven-time NCAA National Champion.

Hudl Replay provides live video analysis when you need it the most. A video feed from live footage enables coaching staff to analyze and review critical game situations and drive live in-game decision-making by sending live video and data feeds from the analyst computer to an iPad on the bench. For the Tar Heels, this is a crucial component of the in-game analysis process.

“Replay is great for us because the game happens so quickly,” said Manuel. “With Replay we can actually see the play over again multiple times and get a really good feel of what's going on, and what happened from our perspective.”

Custom code windows in Hudl Sportscode provide analysts with a flexible and user-friendly way of tagging important moments. These instances can be shared with Replay for immediate court-side review on any linked iPad, or be shared as part of post-match analysis.

“Another key part for me is after the game I can tag plays, any play that we want,” said Manuel. “So instead of taking 45 minutes to an hour to try to clip a bunch of information after the game, we already have play tags that we can search for and show our players and coaching staff. It just makes everything so efficient.”

Coaching staff using Hudl Replay for live analysis during a game at the 2021 Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament.

Player feedback is crucial during a game. The correct feedback can help adjust team and individual performance in the heat of battle. A practical example of how Replay provides solutions on court can be seen in the coach to player feedback dialogue.

“During time outs, coaches can see guys coming off the court and can say to them, ‘hey, you didn't see that screen here, or we’re not doing these three things well, here’s why,’” said Manuel. “Then we can fix these issues and execute in a second.” 

Let’s slow things down for a second and head to the practice court: Where the combination of Replay footage and tagging allows a full breakdown of action points needed for team improvement. Replay allows for instant feedback to players, which is handy during the many stoppages in play during basketball practice. This means coaches can bring film to players during dead balls and between drills to hone in on improvements there and then. 

“Replay has been great for practice, because there's more stoppages in practice and we can really stop and tag the detail we need,” said Manuel. “I can see something, tag it, then show one of our coaches.  For example, it works well in practice with things like positioning of the offensive press.

“With Replay we can actually see the play over again multiple times and get a really good feel of what's going on, and what happened from our perspective". Jackie Manuel - University of North Carolina Director of Player and Team Development.

After practice, instead of having to code information before we go home, we can do it in practice. So when practice is finished, the information is available to go over with players. Having to wait a full day or longer for that information means players no longer have instances front of mind when it comes to review time.” 

Moving forward, the Tar Heels will be looking to add to their record 20 Final Four appearances. And if they do, the hard work done on analyzing and improving performance on and off the court will have some part to play.

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We were present at the 2021 Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament, where all four programs competing are leveraging Hudl products for in-game video review and analysis. Read more here.