Whether you’re looking for a smart camera with hands-free technology, complete Hudl integration or livestream­ing capa­bil­i­ties, Hudl Focus stands above all other options. Find out why.

Today’s on-demand world has pushed coaches and athletic directors to rethink how they develop their athletes, promote their team, and engage with fans. When assessing how you stack up, one of the best places to start is evaluating how you capture and share your team’s biggest moments. 

Traditional hand-held cameras are adequate for recording games and practices, but they fall short in streamlining coaching workflows or connecting with your community beyond the field of play. 

That’s where Hudl Focus comes in. It’s a pro­fes­sion­al-grade camera that not only han­dles the record­ing of your basketball games, but also the upload­ing and shar­ing of game footage—all automatically.

Footage captured by Hudl Focus

A Smart Camera That Simplifies the Coaching Process

Hudl Focus is the only camera that comes with complete Hudl integration. This means your basketball games and practices are automatically recorded and uploaded to Hudl, saving you time to focus on what matters most—developing your players.

“Focus enables us to evaluate and break down our practices in the same way we do our games, which is a really valuable tool, both from a coaching perspective and for teaching the kids,” said Cara Doyle, basketball coach at Saint Ignatius College Prep.

“And as a head coach, you're getting ready for a game and the last thing you want to do is make sure you have someone to film the game, or you're worried about it, or you're asking your assistant coach to go ask someone they know in the stands to do it. To have that all set and know all you have to do is press a button on your phone and you're covered, it really makes your game day preparation a lot easier.”

Consistent, High-Quality Video From the Perfect Angle

Hudl Focus also provides access to HD video from the perfect angle, ensuring your team never misses an important moment on the court.

And with real-time ball tracking and 180-degree panoramic high-quality video, coaches and athletes can be confident they’ll uncover previously unforeseen details that accelerate the development process.

A Livestream Solution That Lets You Stream Basketball Games Your Way

Teams across the country and at all levels of competition are relying on Hudl Focus to deliver a modern and memorable fan experience.

Livestreaming your basketball games sets your program up for success by allowing your fans to stay connected with your team without having to step foot in your gym. And because Hudl Focus lets you livestream your way, you can let fans watch for free or collect revenue on your terms starting day one by streaming through any broadcast software you choose—all without restrictions or hidden fees.

Check out our livestream guide to start broadcasting your games today.

A Camera Install Process That Makes Getting Started Quick and Simple

Hudl Focus offers a quick and simple self-installation with no additional installation, location change or removal fees. Hudl Focus also has an intuitive app that makes setup a breeze and that doesn’t require an expensive third-party installer.

Best of all, our world-class support team ensures most installations happen in less than an hour!

A Cutting-Edge Recording Solution That Fits Your Budget

Because all teams that compete in a Hudl Focus gym have access to quality video from games, practices and scrimmages, the solution ensures you’re maximizing your athletic department budget.

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