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Install Your Camera

What You’ll Need

  • Ethernet cable
  • Extension cord (optional)

What’s Included

  • Camera
  • Power cable (6 ft.)

Install the Camera

  1. Slide the mount wings into the mount slots on the back of your camera.

  2. As you attach the camera, pull out the adjustment pins on the side.

  3. Once the camera sits securely on the mount, angle it down toward your court and release the pins to lock it into place.

  4. Attach the power cable by plugging one end into the port on the bottom of the unit and the other end into the wall outlet.

  5. Attach one end of your ethernet cord (not provided) through the port labeled data on the back of the unit and connect the other end to the ethernet port in your wall.

  6. Once your device receives power, you’ll see a sta­tus light is locat­ed below the Hudl logo.

      • A white light indi­cates the cam­era is in stand­by mode, and is ready to record.
      • A green light indi­cates the device is recording.
      • A sol­id yel­low light could indi­cate issues with your net­work or cam­era acti­va­tion. Check the Hudl Focus app for instruc­tions on what to do next.
      • If you see a red flash­ing light, give our sup­port team a call.
      • A puls­ing orange light indi­cates the cam­era is boot­ing up.
      • If there are no lights, the cam­era does not have pow­er and can­not record.
  7. Once the device is on and you see two solid yellow status lights, you’re clear to move on to camera activation.

Aim your camera so that the entire court is in the field of vision.