We analyzed the stats that have caught the attention of more and more basketball coaches. Want to level up your game prep? These are the stats to master.

Shot Charts: Single Out the True Hot Spots

See exactly where an offense excels and strug­gles, then pair­ the shot chart with video to find valu­able insights.

Rebounding Percentage: Putting a Fresh Coat on the Paint

There’s a new way of looking at one of the game’s paramount stats. Now some coaches have found new ways to attack the glass.

Points per Possession: The Versatile, Practical Barometer for Effectiveness

It’s simple. It’s easy to measure. And you can apply it to almost any area of the game with certainty.

Value Point System: The All-in-One Stat That Keeps Growing

Against all the noisy data out there, this metric has become one of the game’s most important measurements.

Lineup Data: How Coaches Find the Right Connections

Some players just play better together. Lineup data will help you pinpoint the right combinations.

Free Throw Factor: A Precise Way to Measure the Charity Stripe

Are you getting to the line enough? Are you sound enough defensively? More coaches are turning to this stat to fine-tune themselves at both ends of the floor.

Effective Field Goal Percentage: Giving the Triple Its True Worth

The 3-pointer has never been more valued than it is today. So why not embrace it with a stat that really shows off its rewards?

Turnover Percentage: The Trustworthy Measurement for Ball Security

Not all turnover totals are built the same. That’s why coaches look to this stat as one of the biggest determining factors in a game’s outcome.

Plus-Minus: Chart a Player’s Success across the Entire Floor

What better way to find a player’s value than examining whether the team wins or loses when they’re on the court? That’s the power of plus-minus.

Four Factors: Go Deeper Than Your Traditional Counting Stats

These four stats help coach­es adjust for pace of play to get a more accu­rate view of their team.

Sideline to Baseline: How Efficiency Numbers Make All the Difference When Inbounding

Pay attention to the “special teams” of basketball, or you may end up paying the price.