Hudl’s school-wide solution allows coaches at this Texas high school to work smarter. 

Randy Barnes has a lot on his plate as head football coach and athletic director at Texas’s Farmersville High School. That’s why Hudl’s athletic department package was an easy choice for his program. “Hudl saves us time and makes us better,” he said. 

Texas high school athletics are a competitive landscape, and developing a program starts at the junior high level—if not before. With that in mind, Barnes turned to the athletic department package to help even the playing field. “If you’re not top-notch in the premier package with Hudl, your kids are losing exposure, and the AD and head coaches are losing an opportunity to make money,” he said. “It’s just a no-brainer.”

Randy Barnes and other Texas coaches and ADs discuss the benefits Hudl Assist has brought to their programs.

From Assist to the Athletic Department Package

Barnes started using Hudl Assist more than five years ago, and he’s been sold on Hudl ever since. Assist has been a crucial time-saver for him and his staff. He’s developed a routine—they’ll submit their two previous games on a Wednesday, and get them back fully broken down by Thursday morning. 

Having data like down and distance, play type and formation has been invaluable for the Farmersville coaches. So has the precise nature of Assist. “They begin to know our formations—we don’t have to change anything by week 8,” he said. Getting this level of timely and accurate data allows them to reinvest their time to prepare for their opponents down the road. 

A Solution for All Sports

With his position as both head coach and AD, he has a wide-ranging perspective on the benefits that the athletic department package has brought. For him and his fellow coaches, the full complement of products have allowed them to allocate their time more efficiently. “As coaches, we’re gonna work hard, but we’re also gonna work smarter. And that's what Hudl has allowed us to do,” he said. 

When he puts his athletic director hat on, it’s clear that the benefits of the department-wide package extend to sports beyond football. Coaches across the program have especially raved about the ease with which they’ve been able to film practices. 

“I want every sport to be treated the same,” Barnes said. “I want the volleyball, basketball coaches to have the same access that I do. And they do. Because video is the best coaching tool that we have.”

“I want every sport to be treated the same. I want the volleyball, basketball coaches to have the same access that I do. And they do. Because video is the best coaching tool that we have.”

Livestreaming as a Fundraiser

With video being such a point of emphasis at Farmersville, the Focus camera has been exactly the filming and livestreaming solution the Fightin’ Farmers were looking for. 

“It gets out into the community,” Barnes explained. “Grandma in Ohio can watch Johnny Joe play 7th-grade B team football. Do you know what a big deal that is? It’s huge!” 

This community outreach also brings potential fundraising benefits. “Now, when we want help for our programs, Aunt Gracie won’t have a problem sending that [check] in.” They’re looking to monetize their livestream—they plan to start selling sponsorships for both the indoor and outdoor cameras in 2022. 

Having quality video readily available has also been critical to the growth of Farmersville’s athletes. “Our kids are watching film on their own every night. And I can track that, “ Barnes said. “It helps us.”

Hudl Is on Our Team

Barnes paints a picture of the athletic department package as an all-encompassing solution that uplifts all areas of his program—from the X’s and O’s to the Johnny Joes. 

“We’re selling Farmersville High School in everything we do and Hudl is a huge part of that,” he said. “Hudl is on our team at Farmersville.” 

Is your school looking to level up your athletic programs? Hudl’s athletic department package is the one solution for every team.

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