Partner with an orthopedic clinic to provide your athletes the best (and safest) experience possible.

Everyone in high school athletics is familiar with the tried-and-true methods of fundraising. They’ve run their share of bake sales, coupon books and restaurant nights, and all those methods are successful ways of supporting a budget.

But there are other innovative options to cut through the clutter and get your sports teams access to the best equipment and technology available. There’s one trend we’ve seen pop up that’s very successful—a premier sponsorship with a local orthopedic clinic.

In exchange for a larger sponsorship, the clinic gets prime ad placements around the school’s fields and stadiums, as well as plugs in the local broadcast. Some have gone as far as to rename a playing surface after the institution.

At the beginning of each sport season, the clinic is invited to the parent meeting to talk about player safety. They present about creating a safe and healthy environment in the program, teaching about injury prevention and awareness, and how video can play a role in refining technique and keeping players healthy. The clinic’s marketing gets a boost from receiving the parents’ emails and mailing addresses at the meeting. The clinic can also hand out promotional materials and business cards.

Schools can offer the clinic an opportunity to provide on-site trainer support for tryouts, practices and games. Their constant presence helps athletes and parents feel safe while keeping the clinic’s name top-of-mind.

As an added bonus, the clinic may be able to write off any donation as a tax deduction, though that depends on state regulations.

Teaming with an orthopedic clinic is a win-win solution—your school could raise a large chunk of funds and the clinic would get publicity. What you want to offer and how much you value the sponsorship package is in your hands.

Want more ideas? Here are a few spins on classic fundraising campaigns.

Host a Fun Event

Whether it’s a golf tournament at a local course or a photo booth on the football field, events are a great way to engage with the fan base and provide them with opportunities to get closer to the team. Opportunities such as a 5K run or pancake breakfast are easy ways to connect with the community.

Auctions are a great way to have fun and raise funds. Ask supporters, alumni and local businesses to donate items, and create some opportunities of your own. Auction off a progressive dinner at some of the coaches’ houses or raffle off the best parking spot at the gym or stadium. You can connect a dinner with the event and have the athletes serve food or serve as runners to check on silent auction bids.

The more experiences you can offer fans, the more connected they’ll feel with the teams and the more willing they’ll be to donate.

Honor Your Alumni

Invite former players back and honor them with a banquet or acknowledge them at a halftime performance. You can hold special alumni tournaments or golf outings to keep them involved with the school.

Not only will engaged alumni drum up more support for the program, but they’ll also be more willing to donate if they feel valued and honored by their school.