Because in a mobile world, having access to analysis wherever you are is what will make you successful.

Over the last decade, there’s been a shift in the world of sport. It’s out with the old and in with the new, and the biggest change has been technology. Apps now allow you to record technique and drill work to make adjustments on the fly. Software links stats to video so you can dive deeper into your strengths and weaknesses.

What’s the common thread that ties it all together? Video.

Here are four ways to ensure that your video is with you wherever you are.

Start with practice.

Start by recording your practices. It’s easy and the benefits are immediately evident.

Record specific drills and techniques and play them back on the spot. The instantaneous feedback allows your athletes to improve at a quicker pace. It also gives your practices a more personalized feel. You can upload the video to Hudl using the Hudl app immediately after.

Michael Giusto, a head coach for the club Florida Future told us video emphasizes the small details that can lead to big improvements. “It’s great to just teach off of too. It gives you a visual. A lot of times when you’re talking to them and they’ll look you in the eyes and say, ‘Yeah coach, I get it,’ but they don’t really get it. Now you can physically show them. You can show them those little specifics through the film. We can point out so much.”

On game day, your setup can go wherever you go.

Recording in the Hudl app from an iPad has opened up endless possibilities for coaches.

In the past, video had to be recorded with a camera, then plugged into a computer to upload and watch. With Hudl, you can use your new setup to record all of your games and upload it directly to Hudl from the same device.

We’ve taken the entire process and gone mobile in an effort to simplify analysis for coaches, so they can focus on what matters most—coaching their team. You can upload your games while you’re recording live on-site in the Hudl app, further streamlining the process. No cords. No computers. It’s all on one device for you, ready to go right out of the box.

Make the review process mobile.

The beauty of video on Hudl is that it can be reviewed anytime, anywhere. Hudl offers ways to take your games wherever you are—on the bus riding back from an away game or in the comfort of your own home.

Even in a world where everyone has a phone, communication can still be a pain. Hudl’s messaging tool allows coaches and athletes to communicate through the app. Those conversations and review sessions can happen anywhere you have a mobile device. Coaches and athletes can watch video, drop in comments, read messages and respond right then and there.

Development is truly in your hands. By utilizing all our messaging, commenting and drawing tools, you can ensure that all information is distributed to your team. It’s at the core of what Hudl does best.

Create success through video analysis.

The saying goes, “The will to win is almost as important as the will to prepare to win.”

The importance of preparation can not be understated. Ensuring that your staff and players have access to the feedback you’re providing is even more critical in our mobile world.

Creating playlists for your staff and players to review will only further success. That can all be done through our iPad app, or anywhere you access your account on Hudl. What makes it all the more beneficial for your team is that they can also access Hudl anywhere.

Video is the single source of truth, and it’s the key to unlocking insights that will help your team execute when they step into the limelight. Ensuring that you have the ability to capture and analyze video anywhere, anytime is crucial to success.