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Have questions about Club packages?

We have the answers.

Club Package Subscriptions

Hudl subscriptions are active for one full year from the date of purchase.

Full payment is required at the start of the yearly subscription.

Teams may activate a 14 day trial and test out all the standard features of the Hudl platform. Upload video, create clips and highlight reels, or add stats and study reports—the world is your oyster. Contact us to start your free trial.

Yes, subscriptions are unique to each sport.

The base Hudl subscription provides a video library that stores uploaded video with powerful, easy-to-use reviewing and sharing tools. Users can upload video, create clips with comments, notes and drawings, and share them with groups or individuals for feedback to drive growth and improve performance. That video can also be used to create team and player highlights, and athletes can create and curate individual recruiting profiles and connect directly with college coaches to earn next-level opportunities.

Add-on services, like a Focus camera or Assist, integrate directly to the Hudl platform to record and upload video automatically or add full team and player stats to your video.

Club Package Onboarding

Every organization or club has a dedicated Hudl Customer Success Manager. This person will deliver training and resources to help you when starting out, and will craft a plan to make sure you get the most value possible from our tools. You can access online resources at as well as self-paced learning guides like Hudl Academy.

Once your club or organization has paid for a subscription, a Hudl representative will activate your account and ensure each team has a unique account set up—typically completed within 24 hours.

Our world-class support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Users can contact them via email, chat or phone, or access our tutorials, walkthroughs and articles for self-help anytime at

Total Cost of Club Packages

There is no fee for onboarding. A minimum of one training will be included with a club-wide package.

It’s common for leagues or conferences to have partnerships or discounts for Hudl’s suite of products. Your best bet to take advantage of these offers is to talk to your area-specific Hudl representative for details. You can also check with your league, conference, or association directly or look on their website for any Hudl specific information. If you have more than one affiliation with applicable discounts, we will apply the most favorable discount available to you.

Club Package Add-Ons

While Hudl Assist is a better value at yearly subscriptions because it's unlimited, we understand the need for one-off breakdowns. Users can purchase breakdowns directly from the Hudl library by hovering over a video thumbnail, clicking Send to Hudl Assist and then clicking "Buy Breakdowns" on the submission page.