Hudl Sideline

Upgrades at No Added Cost

All 2016 Plus and Premium customers are eligible for hardware reconditioning. Ready for your upgrade?

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What's Better in 2017

We’ve increased coverage for faster downloads.

Additional antennas and an improved wireless network ensure better coverage on the sideline and in the press box. We’ve also strengthened the video stream from the end zone camera to your recording device.


One antenna was used to cover the press box and sideline.


Two antennas create a stronger network and better coverage.

Everything arrives connected and protected.

Enjoy minimal setup now that Hudl Sideline comes pre-connected in a hard, protective case. Simply power up the system, connect your cameras and aim the antennas.

Read more about the improvements >

How It Works

Opt into the program today.

Once you pay, we’ll send you a shipping label.

Send us your old hardware.

We’ll send you the latest setup, cases included.

Ready for your upgrade?

Opt into the Program

Teams who used Plus will be grandfathered into the $900 renewal price.


Do I need to pay my renewal before opting in?

No. Go ahead and opt in now to reserve your spot on our reconditioning list. You can choose an expected payment date as part of the opt in process.

What if I’ve already paid? Do I still need to opt in?

Yes. Opt in now to make sure you get the upgraded hardware. We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label as soon as the program gets underway.

When will the reconditioning program begin?

The program has launched. You'll receive a prepaid shipping label once your 2017 invoice is paid.

What will I need to send back?

Print and attach the prepaid shipping label that we send to any box with your hardware packed safely inside. Here’s a checklist of items to include: 

  • Streaming kit(s) and power cord(s)
  • Router(s) and power cord(s)
  • Window mount(s)
  • HDMI splitter and power cord(s)
  • Portable battery and power cord(s)
  • Don't send any of your own cords or HDMI cables
Will you accept purchase orders?

Of course. We'll send your prepaid shipping label as soon as we receive the PO.

How long will it take to recondition my hardware?

The sooner you pay and renew, the quicker we’ll return your updated setup. Any hardware returned after August 1 could take up to 14 days to recondition.

If I used Plus last year, will I be grandfathered into the 2016 renewal price?

Yes. Even though Plus includes more hardware and is now $1200, you will be grandfathered into the $900 renewal price.

Where can I learn more about the updates to Sideline?

Check out this blog talking all of the enhancements. You can always hit up our support team with more questions, too.