Standard Package

Use your camera to record from the press box. It’s an easy way to deliver high quality video using your existing gear. 

Press Box Angle Review


  • Minimum of 2 iPads or iPhones operating on iOS 9 or newer
  • 1 camera with an HDMI output or HDMI adapter (Hudl Sideline only accepts HDMI video)
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • Press box power source
Standard Package


/ per program / per year

What you get:
  • Pre-connected hardware
    • Sideline access point
    • Press box access point
    • Streaming kit
    • Window mount
    • Ethernet cable
  • Press box angle review
  • Camera-only recording
  • Tools to ODK and flag
  • Seamless uploads to Hudl
  • Standard Support

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